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Safety technical measures for tower cranes

2. Before installation, the construction work must be carried out by professional types of work, and safety technical education must be carried out for relevant personnel to ensure that everyone knows well

3. The personnel participating in the installation operation must wear safety helmets, safety belts and soft soled anti-skid shoes for operation

4. The construction site requires special personnel to command, coordinate and cooperate with each other to ensure safety

5. The personnel participating in high-altitude operation shall strictly abide by the safety technical regulations for high-altitude operation, and all operation tools shall be fastened and fixed at a certain position with soft ropes to prevent slippage and accidents during construction

6. It is strictly forbidden to throw tools, materials and other objects from top to bottom to avoid injury accidents

7. Carefully check whether the steel wire rope sleeve and snap ring used for hoisting are reliable, and update them in time in strict accordance with the update standard

8. Carefully check the pin shafts of various connecting bolts, and timely update if damage or fatigue cracks are found

9. The relevant joints of each part of the hydraulic jacking system are tightly fastened, and the screw fasteners are firmly fastened

10. Check the insulation performance of cables and wires, whether the motor wiring is correct, and the action of each travel switch should be sensitive and reliable

until the conditioning is qualified

11. The tower body and all electrical boxes have sound grounding and zero connection facilities, and are supervised by a specially assigned person

12. Set up a safety warning line on the site, set up safety signs, and prohibit all irrelevant personnel from entering the operation area, so as to strive to achieve safety accidents that do not conform to the development trend of recycling and environmental protection

13. The following points should be paid attention to in the use of attached and tower cranes:

(1) the climbing should be stopped in the existing parts design manual of the experimental machine above level 4 wind, such as sudden in the climbing process. 2. Because the jaws of the hydraulic universal experimental machine are often used, the operation must be stopped in case of strong wind, and the screws of the tower body must be restrained

(2) during the climbing process, it is strictly forbidden to rotate. The operation must be carried out according to the steps specified in the manual. Pay attention to the position of the supporting feet and pins. The lifting joint of the tower crane must have full-time safety supervision

(3) the attachment form and position must be carried out according to the construction organization design. The vertical deviation should be corrected within one thousandth

(4) after each attached lifting joint, it can be put into construction only after passing the acceptance as required

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