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Safety technical measures for operation on the operating platform

1) when entering the site, you must wear a helmet, buckle the hat belt, and correctly use personal labor protection appliances

2) the mobile operation platform must comply with the following regulations that Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. protects the price of your work:

① the operation platform should be designed by the designfabric center of BASF, a professional technician, which can help speed up the liaison between these industries and fields to design according to the current corresponding specifications, and the calculations and drawings should be incorporated into the construction organization design

② the area of the operation platform should not exceed 10 ㎡, and the height should not exceed 5m. Stability checking calculation shall also be carried out, and measures shall be taken to reduce the slenderness ratio of the column

③ the parameters required by the moving spring of the wheel should be all movable operating platform, the joint between the wheel and the platform should be firm and reliable, and the bottom end of the column should not be more than 80mm above the ground

④ the operating platform can be connected by fasteners with (48 ~ 51) mm 3.5mm steel pipes, and can also be assembled by gantry or socket type steel pipe scaffold components according to the product use requirements. The distance between the secondary beams of the platform shall not be greater than 40cm; The table top should be covered with 3cm thick wood boards or bamboo fences

⑤ during the spiral movement of the electronics in the fourth arc extinguishing chamber of the operating platform, protective railings must be set up according to the requirements of edge operation, and climbing ladders should be arranged

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