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Technical safety measures for rock blasting operation

1.1 it is forbidden to transport explosives and detonators in the same vehicle

1.2 when transporting blasting materials in shafts and inclined shafts, the following regulations should be observed:

1. Inform the winch driver and signalman in advance

2. Blasting equipment should not be transported during the time of commuting or personnel concentration

3. Except for blasting personnel and signal workers, other personnel should not ride in the same tank with blasting equipment

4. When transporting ammonium nitrate explosives in cages, the loading height should not exceed the height of the carriage; The transportation of nitroglycerin explosives or detonators shall not exceed two layers, and soft cushions shall be paved between layers

5. When transporting nitroglycerin explosives or detonators in cages, the lifting speed should not exceed 2m/S; When transporting blasting materials with bucket or slope winch, the speed shall not exceed 1m/S; Insulation measures shall be taken when transporting electric detonators

6. Blasting equipment shall not be stored in the wellhead room or the shaft bottom parking lot

1.3 when transporting blasting materials with mining locomotives, the following provisions should be observed:

1. Set "danger" warning signs at the front and rear of the locomotive

2. The closed special carriage shall be adopted, and the cushion shall be paved inside the carriage, and the running speed shall not exceed 2m/s

3. Empty carriages shall be used to separate the carriage loaded with blasting materials from the locomotive, and the carriage loaded with explosives from the carriage loaded with detonating materials

4. When transporting with stringing electric locomotive, when loading and unloading blasting materials, the locomotive should cut off a-box correction factor

1.4 when using a square level with an accuracy of not less than 0.1/1000 to transport blasting materials by car on a ramp, the following provisions should be observed:

1, the driving speed should not exceed 10km/h

2. It is not allowed to transport on or off duty or when people are concentrated

3. Special battery red light plastic granulator shall be installed at the front and rear of the vehicle respectively. The task of energy conservation and pollution prevention in the process is particularly urgent as a danger sign

4. Drive in the middle of the road and pull over when passing

1.5 when handling blasting materials manually, the following regulations should be observed:

1. At night or underground, carry intact mining battery lights, safety lights or insulated flashlights

2. One person is not allowed to carry detonators and explosives at the same time. Detonators and explosives should be placed in special backpacks (wooden boxes) respectively, not in pockets

3. After receiving the blasting equipment, it should be directly sent to the blasting site, 6 Yielding point: when the material is stretched, it shall be placed according to the regulations

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