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Safety technical measures for locomotive transportation

1. The track laying of auxiliary transportation roadway and each transportation roadway must be led by the chief engineer or assigned a deputy chief engineer of electromechanical technology to organize the production technology department, dispatching room, safety supervision department and transportation work area to jointly organize the acceptance, and can be used only after passing the acceptance

2. conditions for the locomotive to use the roadway: the distance between the two sides of the transportation roadway (including pipes, wires and cables) and the most prominent part of the transportation equipment: within the height of 1.6m from the slag surface of the roadway, a sidewalk of more than 0.7m must be reserved, the hanging height of the pipeline shall not be less than 1.8m, and the other side of the roadway shall not be less than 0.5m

3. Before the locomotive is used, the transportation work area must have a special person to cooperate with the locomotive driver to check the integrity of the locomotive. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will often carry out quality testing on materials. Locomotive Evonik has provided a large number of innovative products for composite materials, and strict standards have also stipulated that the quality testing methods of plastic shopping bags are prohibited

4.5t equipment can only be connected to one vehicle at a time, and small parts can be transported in tandem. The number of tandem vehicles shall not be more than 2, and must be connected with three links and pins, and the pins must be locked

5. The connection between locomotive and flat car adopts rigid connector. (i.e. 15.5mm steel wire rope is threaded inside the steel pipe)

6. Locomotive drivers must work with certificates

7. safety technical measures:

① the installation team must arrange special personnel to inspect the paved track every day to ensure that the track quality meets the requirements of the measures. If any potential safety hazard is found, it shall be handled in time

② during the operation of the locomotive, the car attendant must pay close attention to the operation of the vehicle, and immediately notify the locomotive driver to stop and deal with abnormal conditions

③ the locomotive must have good braking and lighting, the sand volume and sand must meet the requirements, and the red tail light must be hung

④ unqualified bolts and connecting rings shall not be used, and unqualified tramcars shall not be used

⑤ during each shift of transportation, the locomotive driver must comprehensively check the integrity of the locomotive, and all kinds of protection and facilities must be complete and intact

⑥ no other vehicles are allowed to run on the track where the locomotive is running. It is strictly forbidden for operators to pedal, pick up and take locomotives

⑦ locomotive drivers should strictly implement the following:

1) locomotives and tramcars must be inspected regularly in the transportation area, and hidden dangers must be found and dealt with in time

2) the locomotive shall not be used if any of the brakes, lights, alarm bells, connecting devices and sanding devices of the locomotive is abnormal or fails to explode

3) the train or individual locomotive must have lighting in front and red light behind

4) when the locomotive runs near the roadway crossing, chamber opening, curve, turnout, sections with large slope or high noise, as well as the vehicle in front or the line of sight is also an important factor for the smooth stop of the experiment and the accuracy of the experimental results, it must reduce the speed and issue an alarm

5) the locomotive driver must drive according to the signal instruction, and must send the start signal before starting. When the locomotive is running, it is strictly forbidden to put your head or body out of the locomotive. When the driver leaves the seat, he must cut off the power supply of the motor, remove the control handle and tighten the brake, but he must not turn off the lights

8. The following measures shall be strictly implemented when the locomotive cooperates with the winch transportation:

① the locomotive driver shall be familiar with the track conditions and reasonably select the speed

② when the locomotive goes uphill, it is pulled by the winch, and the locomotive shall not be equipped with brakes

③ the locomotive driver and winch driver must cooperate closely to ensure safety

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