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Pump and valve enterprises should make "quality" a habit

quality problems should not be underestimated. It is related to the future of the country and the safety of the people

in the "11.22 Huangdao Sinopec crude oil pipeline leakage and explosion" incident and in the past food safety incidents such as "Sanlu milk powder", "Clenbuterol" and "gutter oil", the tragic facts have sounded an alarm to us. How to reduce the quality to

the quality problem should not be underestimated. It is related to the future of the country and the safety of the people

in the "11.22 Huangdao Sinopec ranked first in the world crude oil pipeline leakage and explosion" incident and the food safety incidents such as "Sanlu milk powder", "lean meat essence" and "gutter oil", the painful facts sounded an alarm to me that the protection of oil pumps is relatively important in ordinary times. How to implement quality has become a thought-provoking problem

as a valve manufacturing enterprise in China, it should also take "quality and safety" as the top priority. The inferior quality of valve products will bring disastrous consequences to customers. The negligence and contempt of any post will have varying degrees of impact on the enterprise. Therefore, both smelting, casting, processing and other enterprise units, as well as quality management departments, are duty bound to quality

The 21st century is the century of quality. Facts have proved that quality has become the lifeline for enterprises to survive, and even evolved into a productive force. It is the core of market competition and the guarantee of people's life. For an enterprise, quality is the basis of products, quality creates the brand of the enterprise, and is the image and appearance of the enterprise. Only by creating first-class quality can we create first-class products, create first-class products, and be invincible in the wave of economy

American quality management master Dr. William Deming once said, "product quality is produced, not tested". This famous saying tells us that only in every link of the production process, in strict accordance with the requirements of the production process and operation instructions, can we ensure the quality of products. If we ignore process control and rely only on inspection, it is impossible to ensure product quality, because quality inspection can only eliminate defective products and waste products, and cannot improve product quality. This requires us to check the quality everywhere in our work according to different materials, pay attention to every detail, and make quality a living habit

in order to ensure quality and safety, on the one hand, valve manufacturers should control the quality of products in each process, including the quality of semi-finished products in the process of parts manufacturing and the quality of finished products in the final process; On the other hand, we should improve the work quality of each employee. The former requires strict technical control, while the latter emphasizes the meticulous, dedicated and serious working attitude of employees. To ensure the reliability of product quality, every employee is required to strengthen their awareness, pursue excellence in details, establish the concept that 1% error is 100% problem, be strict with themselves and strive for perfection

"giving full play to scientific research advantages, based on technological innovation, pursuing first-class quality and meeting customer needs" should be the quality policy for the survival of many enterprises. In normal work, develop a good work habit, and let the concept of quality be filled with your brain all the time, and you can't relax at all. Maybe you think your work is simple and ordinary, but to make simple and ordinary things to the extreme is not simple and ordinary. Just as human survival needs oxygen, the survival of enterprises also needs quality. Once the quality concept has become a habit of employees, we can still form a tacit understanding: everyone is responsible for product quality

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