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After the sample is broken, the pulse of Chinese packaging is happy and worried; Plate making, the first step of packaging victory

pulse, China's packaging joy and sorrow

with the development of market economy, with huge market potential, strong development momentum, and close links with other industries, the packaging industry has attracted more and more attention from all walks of life

for the development of China's packaging market, Mr. Liu Shousheng, Secretary General of the paper products packaging Committee of the China Packaging Federation, once gave the following data: in 2010, the total output value of China's packaging industry was 1.2 trillion yuan, producing more than 40 billion square meters of corrugated board, which is the world's largest production country, and the proportion of paper packaging accounts for about 38% of the packaging industry; In 2011, the total output value of the packaging industry is expected to reach about 1.4 trillion yuan, with the paper packaging industry accounting for about 38%. According to the growth rate of 18% to 20% in previous years, the development growth rate of paper products packaging industry is expected to be between 12% and 15% in 2012, and this growth will mainly occur in the second half of 2012

from the data, we can clearly see that the packaging industry, especially the paper packaging industry, has a good growth momentum, providing a huge development space for packaging and printing enterprises

but there is an old saying that there is no complete egg under the nest. Under the background of the global economic downturn, the high-speed growth packaging industry is also passively facing many problems: low-end overcapacity, packaging enterprises are deeply involved in vicious competition such as price war; The theme of environmental protection and green will increase the production and operation costs of enterprises; With the development of small batch personalized market, enterprises have many kinds of packaging orders, small orders and large changes; With the decline of export business, packaging enterprises need to transfer the packaging of export products to the mainland market

how to solve the current industrial problems? Su Hanming, general manager of Adason, said: in addition to the government's support, enterprises should find their own way out and find their own transformation direction. Government support can only be targeted at a certain region, not every enterprise. Representative regional enterprises with large scale and influence may get some help, but small and medium-sized packaging plants, which account for a large share of China's packaging market, need to change themselves to survive

more environmental protection, high quality and low price are the development direction of packaging and printing industry. More and more enterprises will pay attention to the technologies that can help packaging and printing enterprises reduce losses, reduce waste and improve the yield. Flexo plate making, which we vigorously promote, is such a technical product. Su Hanming believes that packaging enterprises seize the market opportunity. At present, the popular packaging in the market is mainly plastic and paper, which should start with flexographic plate making

plate making, the first step in the decisive victory of packaging

how does the small plate making process affect the overall competitiveness of packaging enterprises

in fact, to do a good job in carton packaging, the key is two aspects: on the one hand, the quality of cartons should be excellent and the physical properties should be good; On the other hand, the appearance formed by design and printing is good. There are also two factors that affect the printing quality, one is the quality of the printing equipment, and the other is the quality of the printing plate used! Su Hanming made a serious analysis of packaging production

when upgrading printing equipment, we should not only consider the high cost, but also understand whether it is necessary to upgrade. At present, the number of printing lines of corrugated boxes in China is generally 40-60 lines/inch, and such products account for 80% - 90% of the whole carton packaging market. The current ordinary printing machine is sufficient to meet this printing requirement

Su Hanming believes that through low-cost adjustment, we can also achieve a qualitative leap in packaging and printing products, and then enable enterprises to have new competitive advantages. The key lies in the choice of printing plates

compared with the past, the orders undertaken in the packaging market are more and more complex and scattered. The increase of such order business increases the difficulty of packaging and printing enterprises in controlling the printing content, and the error of the content will directly affect whether the packaging and printing enterprises can complete the order tasks in time. For example, large enterprises such as Midea and Galanz, with a production line of thousands of people and an export order of millions, may not be able to complete production and distribution on time due to small errors in the packaging box. For small enterprises undertaking packaging and printing, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of liquidated damages may be a disaster. Moreover, such cases of minor mistakes and disasters are real

to ensure the accuracy of the printed content, we must first carry out strict testing in the plate making process, and then require that the printing plate must have a high printing resistance rate to ensure that there is no damage or falling off in the printing process

the printing resistance will directly affect the printing cost, and the printing resistance of flexo is much higher than that of traditional rubber plate. Su Hanming also added that in addition to high printing resistance, flexo also has the advantages of easy inking and various printing media. More importantly, the printing ink it uses is water-based ink, non-toxic, non polluting, and has obvious environmental advantages. This is also the important reason why Adason has always insisted on promoting the use of flexo throughout the country. How can we accurately choose it? Let's first learn about flexo

a good beginning is half the battle! Su Hanming hopes that everyone can understand that choosing flexible solid photosensitive resin plates will be the key start for packaging and printing enterprises to win the market

adhere to the momentum of swallowing mountains and rivers, high quality and low price are more environmentally friendly

many packaging enterprises know that flexo is good, environmentally friendly and print resistant, but they do not use it. The reason is that they have an inherent understanding that the plate making cost of flexo is much higher than that of traditional plates (hand carved rubber plates). Su Hanming said that Adason insisted on promoting the flexographic plate making price of 0.1 yuan/square centimeter, hoping to break this understanding and tell enterprises that high quality and environmental protection can also be achieved at a low price

place an order today and arrive tomorrow! While maintaining a low price, Adason also meets the order fulfillment efficiency of the Pearl River Delta and even all over the country by contacting orders and three times a day of logistics distribution

customer orders can be tracked and monitored on the website: customers can instantly know their orders, from document transmission, production arrangement to logistics distribution, through Adason's system. Adason is like a workshop under a printing factory, which can be monitored from zero distance

whether high efficiency and low price can guarantee the high quality of products? In the face of such questions, Su Hanming's answer is always confident:

first of all, Adason has a professional design, plate making, sales and service team, which can efficiently complete graphic design, prepress processing, graphic output, printing plate making and other services

second, Adason has the most complete prepress processing software and font library, which can process and produce electronic documents from all over the world

third, Adason has extremely high requirements for equipment, and has many of the world's most advanced production equipment, including the world's largest 2.5*1.32m plate making equipment

what the customer thinks is good is really good. Su Hanming said with facts: at present, Adason has more than 1000 customers and has undertaken the plate making business of more than 20000 brands. Midea, Galanz, Haier and other international brands are the service customers of Adason. The electronic documents, trademarks and materials of many brands can be shared with printing manufacturers. In the current environment of declining export business and affected Guangdong enterprises, Adason has developed its business from the Pearl River Delta to the whole country through exhibitions, networking and other promotion methods. The overall business has not declined, but also achieved an increase of more than 20%

from the main theme of green and low-carbon society, the high requirements of customers for high quality and low price, and the desire of packaging enterprises for cost control, Su Hanming saw the great prospect of flexographic plate making. In this regard, he revealed the new development plan of Adason. Plate making is a business with strong service. Now there are 60 or 70 customers every month. To ensure the service quality, enough personnel are needed to maintain it. So next, we will continue to expand and improve our team members to better meet customer needs

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