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Recently, China learned from the Fujian Provincial Department of science and technology that the research and demonstration project on key technologies for the manufacture of degradable bamboo based polymer composites hosted by Fujian agricultural and Forestry University has been included in the national science and technology support plan for the eleventh five year plan. The project will take bamboo fiber as raw material, develop ultra light bamboo fiber foaming materials for packaging materials, and realize the industrialization demonstration of key technologies

this topic is a sub topic of the key project of the national science and technology support plan of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" - the research and demonstration of key technologies for environmental friendly management and recycling of bamboo assets, which is also easy to trace the source. In recent years, Fujian agriculture and Forestry University has gained a lot in the research and development of bamboo industry, and once participated in the research and development of bamboo fiber spinning technology with new solvent method, which is the first in China. According to Professor xieyongqun from the school of material engineering, Fujian agricultural and Forestry University, who is undertaking the special task of biodegradable ultra light bamboo fiber foaming materials, the project team plans to use bamboo fiber and biodegradable plastics as raw materials, through the fast-moving fiber surface modification technology, biodegradable polymer surface activation technology, bamboo fiber/biodegradable polymer composite technology The degradation characteristics and control technology of bamboo fiber polymer composites are comprehensively tackled, and 2~3 biodegradable bamboo fiber reinforced polymer composites are prepared. The service life of the materials is 2 years, and the degradation rate is more than 70%, providing technical reserves for their industrialization. At the same time, 1~2 ultra light bamboo fiber foaming materials for packaging materials have been developed and industrialized

China is known as the "Kingdom of bamboo", and Fujian is also a key bamboo producing province. A: the current electricity is relatively stable, accounting for about 1/4 of the country. Since 2004, Fujian Province has jointly developed bamboo fiber technology and strengthened its application research with relevant universities and scientific research institutions. After more than four years of development, a number of achievements with independent intellectual property rights have been made in the bamboo fiber technology and application fields, such as the preparation of bamboo pulp, precautions for the operation of new material tensile testing machine, solvent regenerated bamboo fiber production, efficient separation and extraction of bamboo raw fiber, research and development of bamboo carbon fiber masterbatch, bamboo fiber spinning and fabric dyeing and finishing. The bamboo industry has started and is developing rapidly

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