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In the future, the pump and valve industry will help the transformation and upgrading of pump and valve enterprises in an all-round way through brand advantages, technical advantages and platform advantages, and cultivate and create a number of brand arrays and industrial clusters representing the image of Wenzhou Manufacturing

according to the introduction, the pump and valve industry in the city has nearly 400 enterprises above the designated size, accounting for about 17% of the number of enterprises in the same industry nationwide. It can produce more than 3000 varieties of valve products with more than 40000 specifications and more than 800 varieties of pump products with more than 10000 specifications. In January, the gross domestic product of the whole industry reached 17.5 billion yuan, an increase of 3.6% year-on-year; The sales volume was 13.1 billion yuan, an increase of 4.8% year-on-year; The tax paid to the state was 800million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.7%

in recent years, in the face of the continuous downturn in domestic and foreign markets, the pump and valve industry has begun to seek ways to "outwit". At present, a total of 4 provincial key enterprise research institutes have been established in the whole industry, and 22 provincial development process centers for R & D (Technology) from imitation to independent renovation have not passed 62 fiber-reinforced low alkalinity cement building slab service; Cultivate 70 national high-tech enterprises, accounting for 10% of the country; Accumulated more than 2500 invention patents; It has been listed in 82 national well-known trademarks and famous brands, more than 30 provincial-level new products and excellent products to meet the packaging of various products on the market, and 246 new products above the provincial level have been developed. It has four core technologies of ultra-high temperature material valves and supercritical valves, XDS high silicon, ferrite and other special stainless steels, cap1400 nuclear air ejector in the main control room and many other technologies. These products have filled the gap in this industry in China

at the same time, the industry has formulated and revised 110 valve standards, accounting for about 1/10 of the total number of national valve standards. It has been approved to build the province's only "joint innovation base of regional technical standards for valves", with the check valve and stop valve standard working group of the national Standard Committee and the "two province's only" of the provincial Valve Standard Technical Committee. A total of 13 people in the industry have become members of the national valve standard committee, effectively controlling the voice of the industry, Boost the valve from "universal" to "medium and high-end", and many valve enterprises have entered the medium and high-end industrial fields such as petroleum and petrochemical

in terms of regional brand building, the pump and valve industry has built the country's first pump and valve quality credit platform, creating more than 10 regional brands such as "hometown of Chinese pumps and valves", with a regional brand value of 573million yuan; In terms of enterprise brand construction, a reward fund of 4million yuan was set up, creating a total of 9 well-known trademarks, 18 provincial famous trademarks, and more than 100 registered international trademarks. According to the evaluation of authoritative institutions, customer loyalty and satisfaction reached 88.92 and 88.75 in 2016, with a steady increase for three consecutive years

in addition, in order to further enhance the value of pumps and valves and seize future business opportunities, our city has established the country's first pump and valve IOT cloud service system industrial technology innovation strategic alliance, focusing on research and development in the direction of intelligence, complete sets and networking

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