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The parent company of TutorABC appeared at the rise summit and talked about how artificial intelligence can empower education.

"will robots replace human teachers? This is a question that many people will inevitably raise when talking about education recently." Shenpeihong, chief data officer of itutorgroup, said, "based on our successful experience in applying AI technology to teaching services over the years, it is foreseeable that robots will replace human teachers in the long run. Of course, the premise is that there must be underlying data and a complete ecosystem as support to ensure the learning effect of AI as a teacher."

then, what is the support of core underlying data? Shen Peihong said that taking itutorgroup as an example, the platform will monitor and collect data such as the time and frequency of interaction between students and teachers in each course in real time. At the same time, for more than 30000 and more than 20000 teachers, the system makes characteristic analysis and labels with different attributes. Through up to 128 labels, the system independently helps students customize courses according to their interests, backgrounds, abilities and other special qualities. At the same time, the system will also dynamically adjust the courses learned by students in real time according to the relevant parameters such as students' self-evaluation and teachers' evaluation, so as to achieve the personalized teaching arrangement of "thousands of people and thousands of faces"

it is reported that this system, which is completely independently developed by itutorgroup, the parent company of TutorABC, is called DCGs dynamic course generation system. As early as 2005, it has obtained an exclusive patent, and itutorgroup has thus become the world's first education enterprise to apply artificial intelligence technology

itutorgroup introduces AR technology into teaching

in April this year, itutorgroup, the parent company of TutorABC, introduced face recognition technology to include the facial expressions of teachers and students in class into the monitoring and collection scope, so as to analyze their emotional factors, deeply mine the interactive information between teachers and students in class, and feed the data back to DCGs system in real time to collect learning data from passive after-school evaluation, Upgrade to actively revise students' learning preferences, further improve the matching accuracy of DCGs, and provide more personalized and instant learning services

diversified data is helping itutorgroup fully understand the personalized needs and pain points of each student in the learning process, and provide them with unique and exclusive teaching services. Shen Peihong further said, "itutorgroup can gradually improve the underlying structure of robots as teachers by applying these data to supporting management structures such as learning management system, consultant training system, textbook optimization system, and combining semantic recognition, information analysis and other technologies."

"our application of AI technology is mainly divided into three modules: front-end interactive technology, back-end prediction system, and accurate course matching system, namely DCGs system." Shen Peihong said, "In terms of front-end interaction technology, itutorgroup uses ar to design virtual avatars on the teacher side, so that each teacher can act as different personas to interact with students, enhance close cooperation and in-depth understanding between Chinese and foreign R & D teams, and achieve immediate teaching results. At the same time, it uses face recognition technology to collect and analyze the input and interaction of each student in class, so as to timely adjust the way of classroom communication and interaction, Accurately formulate personalized courses for students. "

itutorgroup real-time monitoring center operates 24 hours a year

the back-end application monitors the classroom learning of different students through the itutorgroup real-time monitoring center, which operates 24 hours a year. The accessories provided by Jinan Shijin company can fully meet the national experimental standards of hydraulic universal testing machine, and accurately master the connection stability, opening time and other data of students in each class, System intelligence predicts the care points that each student needs to be served and the course consultants need to invest. "Enterprises generally have remedial customer service, while itutorgroup can achieve predictive customer service."

it is understood that the itutorgroup real-time monitoring center has been operating for more than 10 years. The monitoring center has a well-known "3R" rule. Once a student encounters any problem in the course of class and sends a help signal, the employee's response time and the time to repair the problem are calculated by seconds. Through manual timely intervention service, the first resolution rate of the problem is more than 90%

Shen Peihong said that because all systems are independently developed, itutorgroup has always been in the leading position in the industry in data accumulation and technology application. For example, the analysis report on the opening time of each class benefited from the data advantage of the self-developed platform, which helped itutorgroup better understand students and provide more accurate Teaching services

Founded in 1998, itutorgroup is the world's first "unicorn" enterprise that can realize real-time, in-situ and dynamic collection of multiple signals. Its brands include TutorABC (), vipjr, VIPABC, etc., and provide users with real-life interactive courses in English, mathematics, Chinese, programming, etc. Itutorgroup now has more than 20000 foreign consultants, provides more than 30million courses every year, serves more than 180million people, and has customers in 135 countries and regions around the world

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