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On May 8, the first sheet of paperboard in the production workshop of the papermaking sludge project of the water treatment company in daceying Town, Mancheng County, Hebei Province officially announced that a large number of jobs had been accumulated in these industries, which would be upgraded from the original threshold to the standardized population offline, marking the success of the trial machine of the resource utilization project of papermaking sludge in Mancheng County. This not only finds a good way out for the large amount of sludge produced by Mancheng paper industry, but also is the first large-scale production of this project in Hebei Province

Mancheng is a major papermaking county. As early as the late 1990s, the household paper in this county accounted for 40% of the national share. Over the years, paper-making enterprises have made contributions to the benefit of the people, but at the same time, more and more sediments (commonly known as sludge) have been treated by sewage treatment plants. How to turn waste into treasure? Next, the county will introduce how to use a concrete pressure testing machine, invite relevant experts and scholars to discuss and study, and finally determine the establishment of the production project of making fiber paperboard from papermaking sludge, and choose a win-win way to eliminate stubborn diseases and increase benefits. Since the second half of 2011, the total investment of 66.78 million yuan, covering an area of 23 acres of paper-making sludge to produce fiber paperboard production project has begun in daceying Town, where the county's paper-making enterprises are concentrated. Now, 20 plate making machines in the first phase of the project are put into operation. By June next year, 20 plate making machines in the second phase will be put into production. After completion, it is expected to treat 3500m3 of sludge per day and produce 39.6 million m2 of cardboard per year

it is understood that after being treated by the sewage treatment plant, the sewage sediment rich in fiber is added with an appropriate amount of coarse fiber. On the basis of full mixing, it is sent to the plate making machine through the conveyor belt to form the plate, and then dried by the dryer, which can be cut into semi-finished products as required. The cardboard made by this process can replace the wood and straw pulp medium density board in the market, and is widely used in packaging box boards such as clothing and handicrafts and thread bound book covers, with a broad market prospect

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