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The paper sector has made efforts to pull up the cultural paper giant to issue a price increase letter. Release date: Source: Securities Times

it is reported that recently, the cultural paper giant app, Wanguo paper, Shandong Bohui/Jiangsu Bohui paper, Shanghai Chenming pulp paper issued a price increase letter. Affected by the increase in environmental protection costs and the rise in raw material prices, the prices of its coated cardboard, white cardboard and other products increased by 200/ton, The implementation date ranges from December 25th, 2019 to January 1st, 2020

The tensile curve continues to rise

in addition, the Ministry of environmental protection recently announced the first batch of waste paper import licenses in 2020. This batch of licenses approved a total of 2.7835 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 44.72% compared with the first batch of 5.0353 million tons in 2019

Orient Securities said that in many cases, the implementation of zero import of foreign waste is imminent, and the structure of raw materials in the paper industry has ushered in a change. Compared with small and medium-sized paper enterprises, leading paper enterprises have more advantages in the layout of raw materials; The profit differentiation caused by the structural differentiation of raw materials in the industry will be fully deduced in the process of implementing the foreign waste policy and pushing up the price of raw materials. The investment opportunities of leading paper enterprises with raw material advantages and cost advantages are highlighted. It is recommended to focus on the comprehensive leading paper enterprise with advantages in the layout of raw materials in the industry - sun paper, which is recommended to pay attention to the waste paper paddles Realizing the layout of raw materials in terms of overseas finished paper projects is the only new material in the world that has been found to exceed silver in terms of conductivity one by one. The leading waste paper enterprises - Liwen paper, Nine Dragons Paper, Shanying paper, and Chenming paper, a leading wood pulp enterprise with outstanding advantages in self-supply pulp

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