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Papermaking sewage kills vegetables

Anbang River, the mother river of Shuangyashan people

two years ago, a small paper mill was built in Lingdong District, Shuangyashan City, the upstream of the river. The plaque of this factory reads "Shuangyashan Lingdong District Civil Affairs paper products factory". At the beginning of the establishment of the factory, the sewage produced every day was discharged into the Anbang River. The 202 villagers in Dongsheng Village, Changsheng Township, downstream of the paper factory were the most affected. They need to water the vegetable fields with river water. The year is not dry. The sewage is dissolved into the Anbang River to create a cross-border collaborative innovation ecosystem, and the pollution is not obvious

this year's drought, the sewage cannot be diluted, and farmers water their vegetables, which has caused the vegetables to be "wiped out". According to the villagers and cadres of Dongsheng Village, the output of more than 1000 mu of vegetable land along both banks of the river has been reduced in a large area this year. They have repeatedly reported to the relevant departments of the 4 sample districts and townships of the city, but they still cannot be solved until today

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