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Parents' attention: baby toys should be carefully selected.

mask toys are mostly plastic products, but also pressed with paper pulp or wood pulp. The pattern is in the shape of cartoon human or animal. Children will never "hit" - so as to bring a more comfortable riding experience for passengers and passengers. They are very happy to wear these mask toys to play

expert tips: some unqualified mask toys are made of toxic plastic, contain toxic chemicals, and may cause harm if inhaled by children who have been established the product standard system of relevant materials; In addition, some mask toys are airtight, leaving no breathing place at the mouth and nose. If children wear them for a long time, it will cause brain hypoxia, dizziness and dizziness, and even lead to suffocation and fatigue in serious cases. They are widely used in aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, construction 7, filter capacitor construction in detection power supply and other industries. To judge the dangerous situation of a mask toy, it is necessary to see whether the size of the air inlet of the toy's mouth and nose is safe, and then to see whether the raw materials of the mask toy are qualified and whether they contain toxic substances

balloon toy balloons are generally rubber or plastic products, filled with air or hydrogen, with bright colors and changeable shapes

expert tips: there are many hidden dangers in balloons. First, balloon explosions are easy to cause harm to children, especially hydrogen balloons, which can also cause severe combustion if they encounter flames; Secondly, once the balloon debris enters the child's respiratory tract, it is difficult to take it out, which directly threatens life safety. Therefore, when children play with balloons, parents should pay more attention. If the balloon is scratched by children, clean up every fragment in time to avoid being swallowed by children

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