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Parker Hannifin appeared at the 2013 Asia international power transmission and control technology exhibition

Shanghai, China. Recently, Parker Hannifin company (NYSE: pH), the global leader in the field of motion and control, appeared at the 2013 Asia international power transmission and Control Technology Exhibition (PTC Asia), displaying a series of motion and control products and related system solutions

a highlight of Parker Hannifin's exhibition is its leading reverse linear motor system. Different from the traditional linear motor transmission mode, the system adopts a new design idea and the most advanced control mode, which realizes the long-distance flexible non-contact transmission of magnetic rail rather than coil, and greatly improves the working efficiency and flexibility of the whole transmission system. And this technology breaks through the restriction of traditional linear motor application in vacuum environment, and is widely used in the latest generation of semiconductors, FPDs, OLEDs, solar cells and other manufacturing fields with strict accuracy requirements

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in addition, the second generation 32-bit dc590 series DC governor exhibited by Parker Hannifin can flexibly control single or multiple motors, and improve the stability and equipment efficiency of the DC system to the greatest extent. Its specific uses include function block programming, special macros for winding/unwinding, tension control, and wide range industrial network links. As a product with perfect and mature technology, dc590 series DC governor has many successful applications in the fields of metallurgy, papermaking, heating and packaging

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power transmission and control is a very basic but critical mechanical technology, which is related to the quality, performance and reliability of the core equipment of mechanical automation. Deng Zhensheng, general manager of Greater China Automation Division of Parker Hannifin, said that as the annual event of the power transmission and basic parts industry, we are very happy to participate in the post conference of this exhibition and have the opportunity to further expand the multi-party exchange opportunities with all walks of life. Parker Hannifin's professional technology covers the three core areas of transmission and control: electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic, which enables us to provide high-level components, systems and targeted solutions for a wide range of markets

at present, China is in the stage of manufacturing upgrading and transformation, and the demand for industrial automation is increasingly strong. Parker Hannifin will continue to strive for excellence in the field of transmission and control, and find new innovative solutions through technical integration, communication and cooperation, system development and customer cooperation, so as to create truly high-value products for customers, And work with them to deal with the challenges and opportunities brought by the severe and volatile market environment

about Parker Hannifin company

Parker Hannifin company has global annual sales of more than 13.1 billion US dollars. It is a world leading manufacturer of motion and control components and systems, and provides precise design solutions for many industries, including mechanical engineering, industry and aviation. Parker Hannifin has more than 50000 employees in 50 countries, who are five major factors affecting the performance and accuracy of electronic tensile testing machines. Parker has increased its annual shareholder dividend for 53 consecutive years, ranking in the top five among the longest dividend growth stocks in the S & P 500. For more information, please visit the company page http://w. High molecular waterproof materials Part 1 sheet gb18173.1 ⑵ 006, or because the flexible packaging material is mainly high molecular polymer or its related materials, visitors visit the investor information page

about Parker Hannifin China

Parker Hannifin China was founded in the 1980s, and is one of the first three foreign joint ventures since China opened to the outside world and foreign direct investment. Parker Hannifin China has more than 2000 product lines in China, covering more than 50 markets. It provides nine technical solutions and services for enterprises in aerospace, environmental control, electromechanical, filtration, fluid and gas processing, hydraulic, pneumatic, process control, and sealing. The product applications and solutions mainly involve diesel engines, wind power generation, shipbuilding, ocean exploration, steel, large engineering machinery, high-speed railway and factory automation. Parker Hannifin China is headquartered in Shanghai, with 18 production bases and many sales points and regional offices in China. So far, Parker Hannifin has more than 3000 employees in China. For more information, please visit the company page or visit investor information

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