The hottest parazero launches drone parachute

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Parazero launched the UAV parachute

para. Please save the current interface and contact our after-sales service department in time. Zero developed safeair, a parachute that opens automatically in one second. Even near the ground, safeair can guide the UAV to land safely and avoid unnecessary damage. Usually, the collision and other accidents of UAV will bring serious hardware damage. Whether for ordinary UAV enthusiasts or industrial UAVs, a UAV crash accident means huge property losses, even a serious safety accident. To this end, parazero developed safeair, a parachute that opens automatically in one second. Even at the position close to the ground, safeair can guide the UAV to descend safely. After connecting the oil pipe, power supply and oil filling, stop the initial operation and landing, and avoid unnecessary damage

arazero company compared this UAV parachute SAFEA to the airbag of UAV, which broke the bottleneck of raw material shortage. The parachute is placed in a capsule shaped bag, and the capsule is placed on the top of the UAV, with a row of sensors outside to monitor whether the UAV has serious failure and low battery. In this way, the parachute can function automatically even in the absence of the operator. In addition, because safeair can be turned on automatically in one second, it can play a role even when UAVs fly at low altitude. The statement about the ban is just rumor

unless the UAV is flying in an open area, in other cases, if there is any fault in the flight, the UAV will have the risk of collision, whether it is hitting objects or people. Safeair effectively prevented the occurrence of this danger and the possible litigation after the danger appeared. Obviously, in the future society, unmanned aerial vehicles will play an important role, whether for aerial photography, rapid transportation or private entertainment. In view of this, it is very important to ensure the safe flight of UAV and the safety of ground personnel and property. So said the CEO of parazero

safeair is designed considering two different types of small entertainment UAVs and large commercial UAVs. The newly sold safeair system is dedicated to drones used by drone enthusiasts. However, the company has started to develop safeair systems for drones. Nowadays, the use rules of any type of UAV are constantly developing and improving. Parazero hopes that the safeair parachute system they produce can ensure the safety of personnel, UAVs and property

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