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Paris packaging exhibition has industrial advantages

Paris International Packaging Industry Exhibition will be held at the North Villepin Exhibition Center in Paris from November 20 to 24. It will be the breakthrough of Solvay: high temperature resistant materials -technyl? Redx is the largest international packaging technology and equipment event

it is understood that the 36th Paris International Packaging Industry Exhibition in 2004 exhibited a wide range of new products and technologies. The internationality of the exhibition was further improved, and the trade achievements were numerous, which fully reflected the vitality of the packaging industry and predicted the scale of the 2006 exhibition. The exhibition has survived nearly 60 years of trials and tribulations, benefiting from the prosperity of the packaging markets in Europe and France. In recent years, the European packaging industry has developed rapidly and become one of the major industrial sectors in Europe, with 20000 enterprises and 600000 employees. The global packaging market is about 440billion euros, with Europe accounting for 40% and 117billion euros

France's packaging industry ranks second in Europe, with an annual turnover of nearly US $20billion assuming that the machine will not be used for a long time. French economic departments have a great demand for packaging machinery and all kinds of packaging containers. France's leading industries, such as food, beauty, cosmetics, health care and hygiene products, high-end luxury goods and other departments, have particularly strict requirements on packaging quality, which has stimulated the development of French packaging industry and attracted the world's best packaging enterprises. Therefore, it can be predicted that the 2006 Paris International Packaging Industry Exhibition will undoubtedly become the world's largest packaging exhibition that year

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source: International Business Daily

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