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Parker door, window and curtain wall equipment helped G20 summit venue construction products and services were praised

the just concluded G20 summit stunned the world. Parker door, window and curtain wall equipment won the praise of users with excellent products, high-quality services, wholehearted mission and responsibility in the construction and transformation of summit venues

the 2016 G20 summit held in Hangzhou this month, which has been widely publicized in the industry, is a top national priority. As the president, the Chinese government has made full preparations for this grand event. In order to welcome the convening of the summit, Hangzhou has carried out high-standard design and construction in the construction and renovation of venues. The architecture shows China's great power style and hospitality in today's world pattern

during the preparation of the summit and the construction process, many door, window and curtain wall enterprises participated to provide high-quality door, window and curtain wall products for the venue construction and transformation of the Hangzhou summit. As a door, window and curtain wall enterprise, it is not only ----- associate professor Ruan Shilun/doctor of Dalian University of technology, but also an honor to be able to provide products and services for the summit. Among these enterprises that replace pendulum and sample base doors, windows and curtain walls, Parker machine provides door and window equipment services for 32. In order to ensure that the manufacturing enterprises of doors, windows and curtain walls complete the construction tasks during the preparatory period of the summit as required, Parker machine has set up a professional service team in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai since July last year, which should be replaced with 24-hour uninterrupted service. Take turns on duty to serve new and old customers of Parker machines, and set up the spare parts warehouse and the latest emergency special door and window equipment in Hangzhou Parker sales service center, with the purpose of serving the construction and transformation of G20 summit venues in a leading time. It fully reflects the awareness and service awareness of professional manufacturers of door and window equipment. It has provided maximum support and help for door, window and curtain wall production enterprises to complete tasks efficiently, and has been highly praised by everyone

nowadays, Parker door, window and curtain wall equipment has become a synonym for high-end brands in the industry. Through cooperation with many well-known foreign door, window and curtain wall enterprises, it has formed a strategic partnership. And adopt and implement Parker's unique "9m" enterprise ecological management system for doors, windows and curtain walls, so as to make itself grow rapidly and become a model in the industry

at present, China proposes to become a manufacturing power. In "made in China 2025", it clearly proposes to develop technological engineering and industrialization capabilities with equipment manufacturing as the core, and realize "Chinese intelligent manufacturing" of industry 4.0. In this regard, Parker machine actively responded to the national strategy and became an industry leader who proposed the "9m" enterprise ecosystem, connected with big data, realized the intelligent and digital production of door and window equipment, and provided personalized services for users, leading the transformation and upgrading of the door and window industry

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