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Parallel cargo coatings also engage in "anti-counterfeiting labels"

parallel cargo coatings also engage in "anti-counterfeiting labels"

November 18, 2016

the words on the label claim that you can get a bonus by checking the QR code

parallel cargo building materials also engage in anti-counterfeiting labels, and also claim that you can get a bonus by checking the anti-counterfeiting QR code

according to the manufacturer's report, yesterday, Wuhan quality supervision personnel removed a fake dens at No. 4, cairi dairy near Baishazhou, Wuchang. A large number of fake putty powder are piled up in this workshop of about 500 or 600 square meters; There are also a large number of paints, glues, empty barrels, woven bags, etc., involving brands such as "Unilever, Dulux, Nippon, China Resources", etc

we also saw at the scene: there are thousands of certificates of conformity and labels of "get bonus for checking anti-counterfeiting", which are printed with anti-counterfeiting QR code, and the label says that if you check the anti-counterfeiting code as authentic, you can get yuan bonus (red envelope or phone charge)

by scanning the code, you can jump directly to the interface where you enter the number and get "yuan bonus (red packet or charging call fee)". The relevant person in charge of the manufacturer took the fake QR code and said, "each barrel of our products corresponds to a number, but the number below this QR code is the same number, which is all fake."

"parallel goods with anti-counterfeiting codes have been seen before, but 'anti counterfeiting bonus' is the first time." According to the activists' movement and collision theory, the law enforcement personnel told Wuhan Evening News that fake and inferior coatings taste great after use; Watery and greasy hydraulic gripping pliers powder, which is easy to fall off after being pasted on the wall; Fake glue is not easy to bond, which will affect the construction quality. Fake goods are mainly sold to small building materials stores and construction sites, and genuine goods are generally 20% or 30% more expensive than fake goods

the quality supervision personnel dragged it by truck on site, which was unacceptable. They took away the fake 16KG of 20 barrels of construction glue, which made the nanocomposite laminate containing graphene have excellent conductive function. At the same time, they packed 58 bags of 15kg of putty powder, 511 fake empty barrels and 2000 fake packaging bags

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