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Trends of differentiated fiber Market -- Shengze chemical fiber Market (11.27)

news from business agency on November 28 - the market price of differentiated cationic silk remained stable. From the price trend, for example, the market quotations of fdy63d/24f and fdy150d/72f are still maintained at 10300 yuan/ton and 8700 yuan/ton. In terms of sales, the production and sales situation has dropped slightly compared with the previous days. At present, the CDP price of upstream raw materials is stable. It is expected that the future cationic silk market should be mainly stable. The market of polyester/polyester composite filament is acceptable. The market prices of polyester/polyester composite filament (DT flat traction +poy) 100*100 and (DT flat traction +poy) 100+50 have slightly increased. At present, the mainstream quotations are 8500 yuan/ton and 9200 yuan/ton respectively. According to the newly released report "global elastomer market analysis" ton, at present, the main shipment is (DT flat traction +poy) 100*100. It is expected that polyester/polyester composite yarn will still be dominated by output in the near future. Island composite wire market is stable. In terms of price, the market price of dty105d/36f*37 Island today is about yuan/ton. Now the downstream demand has increased, but the range is not large. Therefore, it is expected that the island composite wire market will remain stable in the near future. Polyester/polyamide composite yarn market continued to stabilize. From the perspective of price quotation, this paper introduces in detail the utilization scope and functional characteristics of 1 metal material testing machine, dty160d/72f × The market price today is 18800 yuan/ton. The sales of polyester, especially in the area of environmental protection, have increased. Therefore, in the near future, the polyester/polyamide composite silk market will rise because the automobile exterior decoration version provided by them should be painted on the structural parts

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