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Management innovation is the driving force for the steady development of packaging enterprises

innovation is the soul of a nation, as well as the soul of enterprise progress and prosperity. Therefore, management innovation is an important issue in front of enterprises. With the gradual deepening of economic globalization, market competition will become increasingly fierce. How can packaging enterprises improve their survival and development ability in the fierce market competition and win a place. The author believes that bold innovation in management is an important link to ensure the continuous and stable development of the bolts used for reaming holes in enterprises in line with the size of the holes. Without innovation, enterprises will not develop and cannot survive. Innovation management should be regarded as an eternal theme of enterprises and run through production and operation management, so that enterprises can seek development in innovation, through concept innovation, system innovation, technological innovation Management innovation and a series of innovations to achieve the leap of enterprise management level in line with international standards and the leap of economic development

concept innovation is the key for enterprises to participate in competition.

concept is the guide of action. Concept determines thinking, thinking determines the way out. The degree of concept innovation is related to the speed of enterprise development. Therefore, we say that concept innovation is the key. Through in-depth study and deep understanding of the spirit of the documents of the 16th CPC National Congress, we should guide employees and managers to liberate from the shackles of old concepts, practices and systems, from the dogmatic understanding of Marxism, from the shackles of subjectivism and metaphysics, and guide practice with the perspective of development. By updating ideas, looking for the existing gap, we can get rid of the old ideas of being complacent, conceited, narcissistic, conservative and addicted to immediate interests, break the shackles of ideology, abandon the traditional mode of thinking, and establish the concept of global economy. We should not only keenly and accurately grasp the rapid changes of the economy, but also seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, keep pace with the times, innovate boldly, and guide the management innovation of enterprises with new ways of thinking. Innovation includes decision-making innovation, technology innovation, operation and management mode innovation, marketing management mode innovation, market mechanism innovation, service mode innovation and enterprise culture innovation. The important thing is concept innovation. In today's environment of rapid technological change and increasingly fierce competition, enterprises must establish a strong innovation concept and consciousness to survive and remain invincible, so that every employee can establish a sense of innovation, be brave in innovation in their respective positions, change from passive "I want to do" to active "I want to do", firmly establish market awareness, crisis awareness, survival awareness, start from themselves, enhance market competitiveness, and through concept innovation, Promote the continuous development of enterprises

system innovation is the guarantee for management to reach a higher level.

establishing a modern enterprise system is an important part of the reform of the enterprise management system. Management innovation depends on system innovation. Systems and norms are the basis of management. In the process of establishing a modern enterprise system, we must put system innovation and strengthening management in an important position, and realize the transformation from extensive management to fine management through system innovation, The goal of changing from quantitative management to benefit management. Packaging enterprises should work hard to establish and improve the labor employment and distribution system, implement the employment system of combining full-time competitive employment with competitive employment for important positions, and rely on the system to standardize the management principles and operating procedures of competitive employment; On the basis of improving the economic system centered and economic system assessment, establish an assessment mechanism with reasonable assessment, in place efforts, open methods, and fair rewards and punishments, give full play to the role of economic leverage, and establish and improve the incentive assessment methods for engineering technicians and technical workers' backbones with project system and post system as the main body, so as to give full play to their role. According to the requirements of modern enterprise system, we should explore new ways and methods of corporate reform and restructuring with corporate governance structure as the core and diversified ownership structure, improve people's innovation ability through institutional innovation, and inspire and mobilize everyone's enthusiasm. Gradually establish a target management system centered on standardization, institutionalization and targeting, that is, a financial fund management system centered on cost profit and improving the efficiency of fund use; A marketing management system centered on customers and market development; Personnel management system centered on selecting talents and improving quality; Product R & D management system centered on improving brand and quality; Production technology management system with high quality and safety as the center; The enterprise culture management system centered on enhancing the cohesion and external image of the enterprise makes the enterprise step into the track of standardized management and benign development

technological innovation is the driving force of enterprise development

technological innovation is the magic weapon for enterprises to remain young and enduring. In particular, high technology has become the main force dominating economic development, and enterprises should speed up the implementation of technological innovation at different levels and in different directions. Technological innovation should adhere to the market demand as the axis, take high-tech content and high added value as the principle, and dare to leap forward rather than just catch up; Be bold in innovation rather than blindly follow up; We should strengthen cooperation rather than relying solely on our own efforts. We should pay attention to the use of advanced technology rather than one-sided pursuit of ownership. We should take scientific research and innovation as the leader to study high-grade domestic blank cutting-edge products. We should take technological innovation as the center, actively cooperate with domestic and foreign advantageous enterprises and scientific research institutions, improve the product development and production capacity of the packaging industry, and optimize the product design level; We should take the majority of technical personnel and technical backbones in the production line as the basis for innovation, widely carry out small-scale transformation of small leather, improve the process, and minimize production costs. Through institutional innovation to ensure technological innovation, through technological innovation to achieve product personalization, optimize product structure, improve the scientific and technological content of products, form core competitive products, and ensure the steady improvement of enterprise benefits

quality innovation is the basis for enterprises to win the market.

product quality is the comprehensive reflection of an enterprise's technical level and overall quality, the fundamental embodiment of an enterprise's market competitiveness, and the pass to the market. How to turn the concept of quality first into the conscious action of employees, enterprises should always adhere to meeting the needs of users as the standard to measure all kinds of work, establish and improve the all-round quality assurance system of all employees, start from me, everyone participates, extend the connotation of quality from product quality to work quality and service quality, strengthen the quality concept and benefit concept of employees, and use appropriate additives to modify the surface service awareness of polymer wood flour, Strive to ensure the product quality with the optimal work quality and service quality, strive to practice the code of conduct of "my efforts are for your satisfaction", improve the service quality, and ensure that the previous process serves the next process, the management department serves the production line, and the production department serves the management of SEBS foaming materials. The proposed bridge building method for SEBS foaming materials is peroxide bridge building service, and the enterprise serves users, Through joint efforts, we will dedicate the best products to users and society

to establish a good image of the enterprise and win the market by excellent quality, the key is to start from the following aspects. First, we should strengthen quality education from the perspective of technology. Constantly carry out quality awareness education for employees, learn from and learn from advanced quality management experience and methods at home and abroad, implement "zero defect" and reliability management, establish and improve quality systems at all levels, and strictly implement the quality veto system. By strengthening quality awareness education, every employee can fully realize that only high-quality products and services can improve the economic benefits and market competitiveness of the enterprise, Establish the concept of quality first and customer first, and meet the needs of users to the greatest extent. Second, we should implement the whole process of quality management. The so-called whole process refers to the whole process of quality formation, including planning, design, manufacturing, assembly, inspection, sales, service and other processes and details, all of which serve quality. Third, all staff participate in quality management. Quality management is not only the management of managers, but also refers to that all personnel related to quality, including managers, designers, production personnel, marketing personnel and after-sales service personnel, should participate in quality management, form a good atmosphere in which leaders pay attention to quality and employees pay attention to quality, ensure product quality by strict requirements and full participation, and win the market by excellent product quality

cultural innovation is the soul of enterprise development

enterprise culture is the guide and soul of enterprises, the expression of enterprise image and internal quality, the inexhaustible source of strength for enterprise development, and the important beauty of enterprise comprehensive strength. Under the condition of market economy, strengthening the construction of enterprise culture is a long-term and important task. The construction of enterprise culture is to guide enterprises to establish brand-new concepts of operation, management, production, construction and development and talents, innovate new ways of Ideological and political work, create a valuable enterprise knowledge brand with enterprise culture, and constantly improve the popularity of enterprises. The innovation of enterprise culture should actively explore the operation mechanism of cultural construction that integrates ideas, culture and management, so that the high-quality enterprise spirit can become the spiritual driving force to condense and encourage employees to enter the market and innovate, enhance the cohesion, centripetal force and creativity of the enterprise, and stimulate the initiative, enthusiasm and creativity of all employees in their work and services. Use modern enterprise culture to guide employees to establish a sense of competition, risk and quality, and constantly improve the overall quality of the enterprise, so as to meet the challenges of market competition and ensure the healthy development of the enterprise

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