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Men are forced to "date" but lead to a "kidnapping" farce

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it is happy to go home for the new year every Spring Festival. But it will also really give a headache to many elderly single men and women who have no partners. As soon as the Spring Festival comes, seven aunts and seven aunts will ask when to get married. Recently, a man in Nantong, Jiangsu Province was forced to date by his family when carrying out data tests on this kind of high and low temperature experimental machine. But this unwilling blind date turned into a "kidnapping"

at 14:11 p.m. on February 13, the second brigade of Nanjing traffic police Expressway received a police report. A mother called the police and said that she had been kidnapped by her son. The second high-speed brigade quickly took action. Jiangbaoyu, the deputy stationmaster of Erqiao inspection station, led Li Qiang, the police, and when the spring experiment opportunity developed towards a high intelligent person, the squad police assisted in the deployment and interception, and successfully intercepted the vehicle at the intersection of Erqiao toll station and controlled the personnel according to the vehicle information provided by the alarm person. But at this time, the police didn't find any "kidnapping" plot according to the status of the people on the bus. After getting off the bus, the mother of the policeman, Shi, kept saying, "I don't know where he wants to take me.". After inquiry, Shi's son, the driver, reported that he thought his mother was too annoying and kept asking him to go out for a "blind date". After a quarrel with his mother, he wanted to leave home for a walk. However, in the process of quarreling, the angry words of "suicide" and "die together" said by his son made his mother Shi uneasy and came out with his son. In the process of following the car, she came up with a trick to lie about "making personalization self-evident - every product can have its own printing characteristics kidnapping", and asked the police to "help" stop her son. After the police mediation, the mother and son finally realized their mistakes and returned to Nantong together. In this way, a "blind date" has evolved into a "kidnapping" farce

today is the annual Valentine's day, which also reminds the majority of older unmarried young people to understand their parents' anxieties. Parents should also pay attention to ways and means, and do not interfere too much in their children's marriage, so as to avoid unnecessary conflicts

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