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Imbet launched an embedded solution based on omap3530 sbc8100

Ti launched a high-performance dual core processor omap3530, which is specially designed for low-power portable devices such as GPS and notebooks. Omap3530 chip is based on arm cortex-a8 core, tms320c64x+ DSP core, graphics engine, video accelerator and rich multimedia peripherals. Among them, cortex-a8 core has 4 times the processing performance of current 300MHz ARM9 devices. Omap3530 can be widely used in the evaluation and application of streaming media, 2d/3d games, video conferencing, HD still images, 3G multimedia, high-performance PDA and other projects

as TI's largest third-party partner in China, it is committed to the development of embedded applications. Now, it has launched a multi-function single board computer sbc8100 based on Ti omap3530

embedded solution sbc8100 hardware features:

it is estimated that the 3D printing market will reach $6billion in 2019 cpu:600mhz cortex-a8 arm + 430mhz C64x + DSP + 3D acceleration


support 3-way UART

provide 1-way audio input Output interface

provide one channel of 12 bit camera interface (which can be externally connected with CCD and CMOS until all residual materials are discharged from the camera)

support WiFi wireless network, 10m/100m adaptive port, GPS communication

provide one channel of s-video/av video output interface

provide one channel of VGA HD video output interface

provide one channel of TTL LCD touch screen interface

provide four channels of USB2.0 host high-speed transmission interface, 1-way USB OTG interface

provides 1-way sd/mmc interface 7 Less samples

provide 1-channel keyboard interface

provide 1-channel expansion interface

it is equal to the tensile load applied to the honeycomb panel divided by the product of the panel width and thickness

provide 4 function keys, 1 boot sequence button, 1 system reset, 1 sleep, 1 power on reset

sbc8100 software performance:

wince, Linux operating system

android demo DVSDK

peripheral interface driver

principle block diagram

Application Manual and technical documents

sbc8100 application scope:

portable navigation multimedia equipment, digital video set-top box, portable game terminal, portable data acquisition equipment, special image acquisition and processing instruments and instruments

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