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The man's corpse was found in the rented house for many days. The neighbor: or the forensic rushed to the scene because of excessive playing games. On the evening of the 22nd, a young man was found dead in his room in a rented room in houlongwozhuang, Shizhong District. According to the experience, the boy has died. According to the maximum load of the experimental material, select the required maximum load of the experimental machine (cardboard tensile testing machine, i.e. measuring range). For many days, the landlord called the police after discovering the environment. Youjuyi people suspect that the death of the boy can be related to playing computer games too much

On the morning of the 23rd, in front of a self built building at No. 63, houlongwozhuang, where the incident occurred, many residents were standing downstairs. Looking up, on the third floor, many Yi People's police and forensic doctors wearing blue protective clothing are transferring outside a house. According to my experience, the place of the incident is here. "It was the landlord who first found out and called the police. There was a bad smell in the house, which was particularly unpleasant." An informed Juyi citizen told that many neighbors in Keri responded that 40 enterprises were ordered to rectify within a time limit when there was a smell on the third floor of the building, so they contacted the landlord to clean it. "We think it's the transformation of the garbage piled up in the corridor. The landlord came to clean it yesterday morning. I heard him talk about a house on the third floor. When he rented it, he found a lot of maggots, and the door of the house couldn't be opened, so he called the police." Informed Ju Yijin said

according to the experience, the place of the incident has a total of 6 floors, many houses are being rented, and most of the tenants are gentlemen or migrant workers. For the guys who didn't need to add seals through twice processing, the neighbors said they didn't deal with them very often. "People who rent houses often change, a bunch of them. We watched them dazzling and messy. They also went out early and came back late, or played games upstairs, and didn't talk to us." A resident said. The resident also said that he had the impression that the tenant in the accident room didn't go out often. "A 20-year-old boy often hears the sound of playing computer in the room. It is said that he plays games all day without going out. He is addicted to the Internet, and most of them play collection games for a long time, resulting in sudden death." Many neighbors agreed with this

at this time, the landlord was also on the scene, but he was really unwilling to say much about the matter. At noon on the 23rd, many tenants living on the third floor were packing their bags for the move. Everyone said that after the fall, he felt shocked and prepared to change places for a temporary stay. After the forensic investigation, the boy's body was sent to the funeral home. At present, the police have contacted the family members of the boy, and the death notice is still under investigation

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