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Lubrizol launched printrite DP pretreatment technology for textile digital printing

Cleveland. On March 30, 2016, Lubrizol announced the launch of a new pretreatment technology to significantly improve the pigmentation of textiles and the digital printing ability of direct dyeing thermal sublimation inks

<(3) Jinan assaying adopts exchange hydraulic technology p>printrite (TM) DP 300 series pretreatment agent adopts innovative water-based formula, which can shape bright colors, deepen black tones, achieve clear dyeing effects and excellent water washing resistance, and avoid affecting the integrity of textiles. By keeping the ink on the surface of the textile, the color is not only more bright, but also the color gamut is expanded, and the realizable color range is widened. And the ink can fully realize its optical density potential, including achieving a darker black tone

"this is the truly new 'magic' of digital textile printing." Kelly Lawrence, global marketing manager of Lubrizol high performance coatings, said. "Our new printrite DP 300 series pretreatment agent will reach a new performance level and bring changes to the digital textile printing industry. The most noteworthy thing is that after pretreatment, there will be better adhesion between the ink and the substrate, so there is no need to apply the coating paint, and the touch of the fabric will hardly change."

as digital technology brings changes to the textile printing industry, compared with the traditional silk printing process, printrite DP 300 series pretreatment agent can shorten the printing process, speed up the turnover and improve the overall design ability

dp innovations owner Steve Smith strongly supported printr Development Manager Richard bell, who said that the ite DP 300 series. Smith said, "creating bright colors while ensuring reasonable color fastness and abrasion resistance is one of the biggest challenges faced by digital pigment ink R & D companies for textiles. By combining printrite DP 300 series pretreatment agent with digital paint printing process, our customers will set new performance standards. Digital pigments will usher in a wider range of target customers and markets than in the past."

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