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Shuangqian group's "management revolution"

the predecessor of shuangqian group is China's two oldest rubber factories, Greater China rubber factory and Chint rubber factory, which were established in the 1920s and 1930s

when I joined shuangqian in 2008, I was at a low point in the tire industry. At that time, double money faced at least two crises. First, the financial crisis that began with the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States; Another is the trust crisis of double money itself

there are sports drinks in the bag. After continuous understanding of all aspects of the situation, I soon became a manager of "knowing tires". Continuous communication with partners has also had an effect. Bank loans are normal, and purchases and sales are normal. Three months later, I probably have a bottom in my heart about the development of double money

after the basic situation of double money was stabilized, we began to look for ways to get out of the industry trough as soon as possible from the aspects of market, production, sales, quality, personnel and other management links and technology research and development

the first is to optimize the organizational structure. In the organizational structure, the sales system is a big piece. The first thing we do is adjust the sales force. Because some members of the original sales team have been unable to adapt to market changes and lack of market awareness. For example, around 2001, the market situation of the tire industry was that the supply was in short supply, and the experimental machines that could meet my requirements had also been at a peak in the following years. It was not difficult to sell, and gradually formed an inertial mindset. However, after the 2008 financial crisis, the market situation turned sharply downward, and the supply of products exceeded the demand

the original set will not work. According to market changes, we have replaced some sales backbones and strengthened the market awareness of the team through continuous training

for the incentive of sales personnel, we have also taken new measures and introduced an incentive policy called "1 ± x (Sales), 1 ± y (gross profit)". Here, X represents increased sales. Assuming that the sales target is 1, if the sales volume exceeds a certain amount of the sales target, corresponding rewards will be given, otherwise, corresponding penalties will be given. Y represents gross profit, but the sales volume has reached a certain amount by the end of 2015. If the gross profit also reaches a certain amount, the reward will be increased accordingly. Conversely, rewards are reduced

the previous sales incentive policy only examined the sales volume, not the concept of profit. This time, "1 ± x (sales volume) and 1 ± y (gross profit)" combine the two, which not only encourages more accurate, but also promotes salespeople to grasp the market more accurately. The sales efficiency has naturally improved

if sales are good, production must keep up. For the production system, it is required to produce whatever the market needs. It's very simple to listen to. In practice, it's particularly complicated and has great resistance. Take changing moulds as an example. The market demand for tyres changes rapidly, and the production conversion of products requires frequent replacement of moulds. In the past, the mold may be changed several times a day; After the reform, it may be changed dozens of times a day. But the tire mold is a big guy, and it is very difficult to replace, which undoubtedly increases a lot of work, and of course, it will encounter all kinds of resistance

to produce, raw materials must be purchased. The original purchase may follow the feeling more. In order to improve procurement efficiency and reduce costs, we have specially set up a "6+x" procurement strategy meeting. "6" refers to 6 fixed experts at all levels. X represents different products, and its purchasing personnel are increased accordingly according to different products. Then these personnel meet together to discuss the fluctuation trend of raw materials and place orders according to its trend

at the same time, we also developed a proprietary quotation system to cooperate with sales. Because every sale can only be realized through this system, what was originally manually operated has become automatic control, which can be more fair and transparent. For example, after the introduction of a special quotation system in foreign trade, the phenomenon of losses over the past years has completely changed. In the past, the foreign trade price was set relatively casually, and the gross profit has always been negative. With the quotation system, it will become positive in 2011, with an increase of at least 100million yuan. Because of systematic analysis, businesses with negative gross profit cannot be done

no matter the adjustment of management structure or the transformation of internal mechanism, it is easy to say but difficult to implement, because it will encounter great resistance to touch vested interests and change the existing situation. Fortunately, the cause of shuangqianren covers plastics, food, personal care products, medicine and medical treatment, non-woven, coatings and inks, automobiles, metals, molds, packaging, composite materials, and health anti-aging, innovative materials series forums for innovative technologies and popular markets. It has a strong heart and the spirit of ownership of state-owned enterprises. After repeated publicity, communication and strong promotion, everyone quickly changed from incomprehension to understanding. After all, the implementation benefits are good

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