The hottest man with unlicensed drunk driving lice

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The man's unlicensed drunk driving fake license scrapped car also illegally held the control equipment

the red Buick appeared in the sight of the police, which gave a boost to the spirit of the traffic police waiting at the intersection. This key fake fake license illegal vehicle finally emerged

in October, focus until the image is clear. At 16:00 on the 30th, the special service brigade of Baotou traffic control detachment received the instruction from the command center and has been focusing on the control of illegal vehicles with fake license plates - the red Buick Bridge car has a fresh track. The command center requires the special service brigade to deploy and seize it immediately. After receiving the instruction, the special service brigade sent the capable police force of the special service squadron and the case investigation squadron to conduct joint operations to deploy control and investigation. At 17:20 on the same day, the relative error of the experimental force value decreased. The illegal vehicle appeared, and the special service police quickly stopped it. The driver of the car tried to escape the scene, but was controlled by the police on the spot. The police also found that the driver Xiao was very drunk. After breath alcohol test, the alcohol content in the blood of the driver Xiao was 52mg/100ml

the driver was then impacted by the police. The buffer data center of the experimental machine showed basic knowledge analysis: he was brought back to the secret service brigade for investigation. After investigation, the driver Xiao is suspected of several violations: 1 12 points, a fine of 5000 yuan and 15 days of administrative detention for using forged or altered vehicle license plates; 2. Driving a motor vehicle that has reached the scrapping standard on the road, the driver's license will be revoked and a fine of 1000 yuan will be imposed; 3. Driving a motor vehicle without a driver's license, a fine of 2000 yuan and administrative detention for 10 days; 4. If you drive a motor vehicle (52mg/100ml) with alcohol, 12 points will be recorded, 1500 yuan will be fined, and the driver's license will be suspended for 6 months; 5. If the motor vehicle inspection mark of other vehicles is used, RMB 3000 will be fined; 6. Illegal possession of controlled instruments (a pair of handcuffs and a telescopic baton) will result in a fine of 500 yuan and administrative detention for 5 days. To sum up, Xiao, an illegal person, will be fined 13000 yuan and detained for 20 days. (song meihui)

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