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Man machine "singing" Gobi Desert Xinjiang "hometown of pepper" harvest news

after noon, standing by a hot pepper field, old man Guo kept beating, "do you have a car there, can you come quickly?" A few hours later, the pepper harvester will be driven into his field, but Guo Laohan, the tipper truck carrying pepper, has not found it yet, so he is very anxious

the operation efficiency of the new generation of pepper harvester is very high. It takes only 2 hours. The import of plastic extruders in China increased by 15.4% to 75 in May. Only green stems are left in the pepper field, and all red peppers are put into the car. This efficiency makes other follow-up operations much faster

this is a scene that happened in the field of AnJiHai Town, Shawan County, Xinjiang recently to measure the fatigue performance and fatigue life of metals and their components. Since September, local people have been racing against time for the harvest and transportation of pepper

because of the long sunshine time, the large temperature difference between day and night, and the unique water and soil resources, the pepper produced in AnJiHai Town, located at the northern foot of Tianshan Mountain, is of high quality, exported to the country, and has the reputation of "hometown of pepper"

for local people, this shiny pepper means that half of the income in that year must be harvested in time and dried on the Gobi desert

in recent years, great changes have taken place in Pepper fields, and machines have basically replaced labor. This year, AnJiHai town has more than 40000 mu of pepper fields, and the agricultural machinery operation rate is more than 95%

a self-propelled pepper harvester can harvest 80 to 120 mu of land a day, and the harvest price per mu is around 100 yuan. For manual picking, the salary is 6 cents per kilogram. Calculated by producing 2 tons of pepper per mu, the harvesting cost is 1200 yuan. In terms of efficiency, a person can harvest up to 500 kg a day, while a harvester can harvest 100 mu a day, up to 400 people

in 2014, Liu Peijun established a cooperative with several large families and decided to use machinery to harvest pepper. This means that the planting mode has changed greatly. "It's very rare. The old people say we are mischievous"

it depends on the effect. When the autumn harvest of the fine grain year even appeared, two villagers came to watch the pepper harvester. The magical and efficient "machine picking pepper" enables everyone to gain insight and confidence

in just a few years, from sowing and dosing, "our high gloss materials create an elegant appearance similar to glass, and then to harvest, the whole process of mechanized operation is spread out in the local pepper fields.

the rapid progress of mechanization is attributed to the efforts of Shawan to integrate" big farmland "for 10 years

in the past, Shawan agricultural land was generally fragmented, and large agricultural machinery could not enter. More than 10 years ago, inspired by the large-scale "big farmland" of the eighth division of the adjacent Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, Shawan people decided to go out of the "broken farmland". The local government encourages farmers to exchange land, integrate, and explore the way of farmers' land stock cooperatives for land circulation

in 2013, the rural village where Liu Peijun is located completed land integration, and the fragmented cultivated land of small households has been "connected", and large machinery has entered smoothly

man machine cooperation is deepening. Today, the pepper harvester made in Xinjiang has been upgraded to the fourth generation, and the harvesting efficiency has been continuously improved, which is widely favored by farmers. The possession of a large number of agricultural machinery has spawned many maintenance and refitting talents in Shawan County. Mechanic Zheng Yasheng successfully refitted a pepper harvester this year, with performance close to the fourth generation

Liu Peijun cooperative has planted more than 6000 mu of pepper. He said, "the land in the village used to be planted by the whole village, but now five people are enough."

the ten thousand mu sun farm in the Gobi desert is full of fire. Liu Peijun told that this year, he took more than 50 villagers "liberated" from the land to Aksu, southern Xinjiang, and contracted thousands of acres of land, bringing the modern agriculture of Shawan to the past

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