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Human machine cooperation, new Han, Shanghai and Bank of China jointly aim at the business opportunities of industry 4.0 smart factory

with the rising labor costs in the Chinese market, production automation has become the key to the next wave of industrial competitiveness. With the rising demand for automation, Taiwan's major equipment manufacturers, taking advantage of motion control, coincidentally cut into robot applications, forming a huge supply chain in the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Xinhan, which is internationally famous for Wufengshan industrial computer, joined hands with motion control development system dachanggu high tech and robot arm leading pioneer Shangyin technology to jointly develop industrial robots and actively layout China's automation market. The tripartite technology will play an integrated role this year. At the end of July, Taiwan will only show industrial robots developed for the electronics industry at the automation and robotics exhibition. Through the joint development of the three parties, Xinhan is ready to help the electronics industry enter the new production mode of man-machine cooperation, which causes the experimental force to drop instantly In the foreseeable future, these data can also be shown in 21 Lin Hongzhou, general manager of Xinhan industrial computer business department, pointed out that Xinhan provides the best solution of man-machine cooperative manipulator with its independently developed EtherCAT controller combined with Shangyin manipulator, which is in line with the trend of major manufacturers such as Siemens in Germany, Beckhoff, FANUC in Japan, Yaskawa and so on. The electronics industry is Taiwan's main market artery, and the intelligent and automated production of man-machine cooperation is in line with the electronics industry The demand for diversification has promoted the electronic manufacturing industry to jump three levels in output value. In order to help the electronics industry build a new production mode of intelligent automation, the Xinhan automation technology team has carried out close cooperation with Shanghai Bank and Gugao since last year, and has actively targeted the automation market of the electronics industry in China. The manager of the Development Department of Shanghai bank technology project also pointed out that the cooperation city of Shanghai Bank and Xinhan attaches great importance to its leading technology in the integration of software and hardware of EtherCAT master in Taiwan, and successfully integrates the Xinhan nexmotion EtherCAT motion control platform into the latest 6R robot arm and dealta robot of Shanghai bank this year, and displays the industrial robots actually used in the automation production line of the electronic industry

on July 31, Xinhan will not only display the comprehensive intelligent automation solutions of Xinhan EtherCAT at the intelligent automation and robotics exhibition of Nangang Exhibition Hall, but also publish the most popular industrial robots from Xinhan, Shangyin and Gugao, including the automatic dip production line and 6R articulated manipulator. The demonstration dip line of the automatic chemical plant will dynamically show that under the control of the Xinhan controller, the four axis delta manipulator of Shangyin will still maintain a stable and accurate action under the high-speed operation condition, complete the work of high repetition parts and components plug-ins, and effectively improve the production efficiency. At the same time, the Xinhan controller has also successfully introduced the Shangyin six axis articulated manipulator, which will produce ice cream in a man-machine cooperation mode on site, providing visitors with the most novel summer technology for free

Lin Hongzhou further said that in order to realize industry 4.0 smart factory, intelligent production is an indispensable link. The optimal intelligent production needs to combine the accumulated experience and wisdom of people, the precision and flexible movement ability of the manipulator, and the production cost can be effectively reduced under the cooperation of man and machine. Adhering to the idea of cultivating the future competitiveness of the electronic industry, the EtherCAT engineering collaborative robot control solution proposed by Xinhan has won the favor of the industrial bureau of the Ministry of economic affairs. It has emerged from the science and technology development project. It will officially sign a contract with the industrial bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs at the end of July, hoping to industrialize industrial robot technology and become Taiwan's next rising star of science and technology. This two-year plan of the science and Technology College will take the Xinhan manufacturing center as the actual test site, introduce the after-sales service robot control system with perfect development engineering cooperation, establish a demonstration production line, let the technology be implemented in practical applications, develop and produce industrial robots completely made in Taiwan, and comply with Taiwan's 3C manufacturing applications, in order to drive the improvement of domestic electronics industry production and manufacturing technology in the future

in a word, to realize industrial 4.0 production mode, we must rely on the series connection of smart factory, smart machinery and smart products. In this value, man-machine collaborative intelligent production is a new production mode after the comprehensive IP of smart factory. The three strong cooperation among New China, Shanghai Bank of China and Gugao will play a comprehensive role, which will help to enhance Taiwan's competitiveness in the global robot market in the future

about Xinhan:

Xinhan was founded in 1992. Its institutions span five application markets: industrial computers, on-board computers, multimedia, security and intelligent monitoring, and have subsidiaries in five major industrial countries to provide global services. Xinhan specializes in industry and is currently in a leading position in fanless industrial computers (nise Series), on-board computers (VTC Series), network security platforms (NSA Series), multimedia (NDIS Series), etc

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