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Management: combine the art of leadership with personality charm

when it comes to enterprise management, I'm afraid there are the most such materials, whether it's the Internet or the library. In the numerous management books, how to learn management knowledge and improve our management ability may confuse many managers. Even those recognized as the most advanced management experience, is it really suitable for our enterprise

it is true that in the era of intensified competition, management is very important for the growth and development of an enterprise. The vertical organizational structure of an enterprise can be roughly divided into three levels: decision-making level, management level and executive level. Managers at the middle level are the bridge between decision-making and implementation of the structure. The executive power of an enterprise largely depends on the management ability of managers. "What is management?" "How to be an excellent manager?" It is a problem that a qualified manager should often think about. In real enterprise management, many managers misunderstand the meaning of the word "management"

is management really so difficult? I never think so. To become a qualified manager, you only need to have three elements: scientific methodology, skilled business knowledge and excellent personality charm

the so-called scientific methodology refers to a philosophical method, not a natural method. In the application of methodology, there is the choice of deepening friendship methodology. What methodology is more suitable for work and business development is an important thing for the production of results. One of the abilities we should have is to use the viewpoint of dialectical materialism, the theory of natural objective development law, and choose scientific methodology. This statement seems to be on paper, so many managers lack understanding of the basic method. Heavy plastic products are made of matrix resin and plastic additives. In management practice, they always fall into the misunderstanding of empiricism. Always use past experience to deal with work, and its efficiency will inevitably remain at the original stage forever. It is impossible to achieve efficiency, let alone innovation. But at the same time, we should realize that the scientific method is not unchanging. It is always based on practice and constantly improved through the test of practice

but scientific methodology is not the master key to success. Methodology is only a general way of thinking, not a specific action plan. The best combination of methods and problems to be solved is the leadership art of managers. In this regard, we must be familiar with all aspects of the business field, have an overall plan, grasp the key points, and pay attention to details by 2025 and 2050. The management rules are not rules and regulations, and the ideal effect can be achieved by forcibly indoctrinating the advanced management systems and concepts. They need to integrate these systems and concepts with the unique corporate culture and connotation of the enterprise. How much of the company's management system is really necessary? Does their existence produce efficiency or restrict innovation? What about their implementation

under the radiation, the charisma of an enterprise manager directly affects his leadership ability. Therefore, improving his personality charisma also means improving his leadership ability. Personality charm refers to a kind of personality cohesion and charisma comprehensively reflected by a person's belief, temperament, temperament, conduct, intelligence, talent and experience. For a long time, West Point students have to accept the training of "personality charm", and its spiritual strength has affected generations of students. Napoleon, the famous American master of successful psychology? Dr. Hill also has a famous saying: "real leadership comes from an admirable personality"

the personality charm and leadership style of enterprise managers are also important aspects to alleviate employees' emotions, mobilize employees' enthusiasm and motivate employees to work hard. Management is not a high-level regulation. On the contrary, the essence of management is a kind of service. We should serve the overall situation and should not damage the overall interests because of the achievements of our department or individuals; Next, we should serve our employees and let them contribute to the enterprise in an incentive and relaxed environment. Enterprises need employees to have loyalty, but employees' loyalty also needs time to cultivate

but at the same time, it should be clear that humanized management rather than humanized management is advocated. What should be managed must be managed and the principles that should be observed must be observed. Managers cannot take destroying the company's rules and regulations and damaging the company's interests as a bargaining chip in exchange for human favor. Even if the existing system of the company is indeed unreasonable, it should be fed back to the decision-makers through proper channels and changed or abolished in strict accordance with the procedures. Turning a deaf ear to the unreasonable system and going its own way, this kind of harm is far greater than the harm caused by the existence of the unreasonable system, which will directly lead to the employees' neglect of the whole system, thus making the enterprise lack of executive power

management, combining leadership art with personality charm, is that simple. (end)

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