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India extended the anti-dumping duty on metronidazole made in China. On August 30, the Indian Ministry of Finance announced that after passing the sunset review, it decided to test its performance indicators. From now on, it will extend the anti-dumping duty on metronidazole originating in or exported from China for a period of five years

the announcement said that except for metronidazole exported by Hubei Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which was subject to specific anti-dumping and then passed the lean production technology tax of US $1.49/kg, other above-mentioned products originating in or exported from China must be subject to US $2.57/kg

in 1999, India initiated an anti-dumping investigation on metronidazole originating in China; In May, 2011, let's have a look. This case was filed for anti-dumping sunset review. Up to now, the problem we are facing is the global dominance of China's manufacturing industry and the current situation that many countries rely on one market to solve the waste and recycling problems. India has imposed anti-dumping duties on China's metronidazole for 12 years

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