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Three members of China YITUO Group were selected as the first chief technician of Sinomach group

three members of China YITUO Group were selected as the first chief technician of Sinomach group In fact, it is a necessary testing instrument for the R & D and product inspection of hinge manufacturers and finished product manufacturers with moisture absorption rates up to 8%~12%. Net China Construction Machinery Information

recently, Sinomach group announced the first chief technician selection conclusion. This kind of phenomenon is due to the poor performance of individual ICs or components. After the review of the chief technician evaluation committee of Sinomach group, a total of 8 people in all units were employed as the first chief technician of Sinomach group, including Chen Haoran of China Yituo Wang Zhenhong and Wang Feng were selected

in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the selection method for the chief technician of Sinomach group, the human resources department of China YITUO Group adheres to the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness, and carefully organizes all units to carry out recommendation activities. A total of 28 candidates for 9 types of work have been reported for the maintenance and maintenance skills of each single material torsional fatigue testing machine. After the preliminary evaluation of the 28 people reported, the human resources department reported 12 candidates for 6 types of work to the state machinery group. Finally, Chen Haoran of China Yituo energy branch, Wang Zhenhong of power machinery company and Wang Feng of axle company were hired as the chief technician of the state machinery group

it is reported that all units will formulate the tenure objectives of the chief technician according to the actual production and operation of the unit, sign the tenure objectives with them, clarify the tasks such as work performance, technological innovation, and apprenticeship during the tenure, and conduct an annual assessment of the chief technician, so as to give full play to the role of the chief technician as a leader and provide skilled talent support for the development of the enterprise

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