India plans to open its media industry to foreign

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India plans to open up the media industry to foreign capital, including printing and shareholding

India has sent the clearest signal so far, saying that it will open up its printing media industry, allow foreign newspapers to be published in India, and approve foreign institutional investors Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. to welcome you to buy shares in local media

previously, according to a 50 year old government regulation, India banned foreign newspapers from publishing local editions in its territory. But yesterday, a high-level ministerial group proposed to cancel this provision after reviewing it, a person close to the group said

the members of this ministerial group include Indian Finance Minister P. Chidambaram and information and broadcasting minister s. jaipal Reddy. The group asked the government cabinet to allow foreign newspapers to publish international editions without limiting the proportion of content about India

the group also suggested that foreign institutional investors should be allowed to purchase up to 26% of the shares in current affairs publication enterprises, and the provisions on local newspapers to reproduce the content provided by foreign newspaper syndicates should also be relaxed

these suggestions will certainly raise the hopes of foreign investors and media groups 5 If the notch is found to be deep or shallow after pulling the sample. India is one of the fastest-growing newspaper markets in the world, and these investors and media groups are eager to enter this market

current media restrictions mean that foreign newspapers can be sold locally, but cannot be printed in India. Forced to fly in from other markets in the region, these foreign newspapers are usually expensive and their content lags behind

however, in May last year, the Paris based International Herald Tribune began printing in Hyderabad, India. Although the government asked the newspaper to stop printing, it did not take legal action because India did not enact corresponding laws. The International Herald Tribune is a newspaper under the New York Times Group. The financial times owns a minority stake in business standard in India. And Marjorie, chairman of Pearson publishing group, which owns the financial times as a supplier of glass fiber? Marjorie scardino said the ministers' decision was "a positive signal that India intends to open its market to the international and information communities"

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