FAW Jiefang engine business department has been ta

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FAW Jiefang engine business unit has been taking action

FAW Jiefang engine business unit has been taking action

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on the morning of international children's day on June 1, FAW Jiefang engine business unit (hereinafter referred to as "engine business unit"), FAW Jiefang Xichai (hereinafter referred to as "Xichai") Super User Club Henan Branch, dahelou media group Dahe Henan International Logistics chamber of Commerce and the end of the party**in Dahuang village, Zhaozhuang Town, Baofeng county jointly formed the dream of 61 love detection and control, which are two different concepts. Shanliwa love donation team came to Henan village, Miaozi Town, Luanchuan County, and spent a different children's day with 60 children in Henan village kindergarten, bringing them 600 children's books and 60 sets of schoolbags, colored pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers Stationery boxes and other school supplies

Henan Branch of Xichai super user club came to Henan village

it is understood that Henan village, Miaozi Town, Luanchuan County, is a poor village in a national poverty-stricken county, with a total of 929 people in 219 households in the village, with more than 3000 mu of forest land, but less than half an Mu of arable land per capita. Most people in the village are migrant workers, and many villagers work outside the province, so there are many left behind children. At the beginning of this year, lihaibin from the supervision office of Henan provincial government came to Henan village as the first Secretary of the village. Li Haibin often exposes the villagers' living conditions and the villagers' life of getting rid of poverty and becoming rich in his circle of friends, but he should pay attention not to exceed the rated torque production of the reducer and use it repeatedly, calling on interested social personages to support the education of the village

on May 6 this year, the fifth Henan logistics culture festival jointly held by dahelo media group Dahe, FAW Jiefang Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. and Henan International Logistics chamber of Commerce was a complete success. The engine business department and Henan Branch of Xichai super user club decided to reward the conference group. Some members of the meeting affairs group have seen Li Haibin's appeal at the meeting, and they feel that donating rewards to children in poor villages is the best choice. The Party branch secretary of Dahuang village, Zhaozhuang Town, Baofeng County, also joined the donation after learning about this activity

at the scene, Liu Yi, a love representative from the engine business department, said that love donation is a meaningful public welfare activity of the engine business department in Henan. They will actively participate in and continue to carry out similar activities to support the development of education, especially in poor counties

in fact, as an old state-owned enterprise, the engine business department has been fulfilling the society with love. In February 2015, The engine business department launched the "love 1+1" public welfare student aid activity to help user children with difficult family conditions receive school education by means of pairing grants, love funds, love stationery and so on, which lit up the children's school dream.

the engine business department has built a bridge of love with the aided children through the student assistance action. At the same time, it continues to explore the content and scope of public welfare student assistance. On the one hand, it plans to carry out the special support action of "Aowei reading" books named after the flagship products of the engine business department; On the other hand, we will carry out activities to extend students' care from material care to spiritual care, organize subsidized objects to carry out communication and interaction activities with sponsors, carry out emotional communication and psychological counseling with children, stimulate the confidence of poor students in a strong life, and cultivate their gratitude and sound personality

over the years, the caring volunteers of the engine business department have traveled across the mountains to visit the students. Their loving footsteps have been left in every corner, bringing the children expectations for a better future

After the donation ceremony, Li Haibin, the first Secretary of Henan village, led the love representatives to inspect the poverty alleviation work and future development planning of Henan village. He said that interested enterprises in the society are welcome to participate in the construction and cooperation of rural tourism in Henan village, so that Henan village can complete the task of poverty alleviation on schedule

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