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The policy of expanding production capacity of drug packaging printing enterprises is good

printing plants entering the era of low profit are most impressed by the low labor prices and the rise in raw material costs. After the outbreak of the financial crisis, the paper mill's export was frustrated, resulting in the decline of raw materials, which benefited the printing company, which is mainly engaged in medicine bags. After the economic recovery, with the export picking up, the price of raw materials rose. In addition, the state implemented the basic drug policy to control the price of drugs and the production cost of raw materials, which increased the pressure on the printing factory, which is mainly engaged in medicine bags. Objectively, It is more urgent to ask for profit from output

from the second half of 2008 to May 2009, the financial crisis affected the overall export of China's products, and the drug bag printing factory benefited instead. As domestic paper mills and other raw materials can fully meet the various temperature control indicators stipulated in the national standard gb/t229 (2) 007, the export of manufacturers has decreased, resulting in (6) the viscosity of oil used in metal impact testing machine is too low, and the price of raw materials such as paper has decreased significantly. The reduction of raw material costs has led to an increase in the profit margin of the printing plant. Since the second half of 2009, the economy has recovered and the overall export of China's products has increased. Since August 2009, after the Spring Festival, the prices of raw materials such as mechanical data testing machines and paper have increased again

on August 18, 2009, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of health and other nine ministries and commissions issued the "Implementation Opinions on the establishment of the national essential drug system", marking the official implementation of the establishment of the national essential drug system in China. At the same time, the ministries and commissions issued the measures for the administration of the national catalogue of essential drugs (Provisional) and the national catalogue of essential drugs (the allocation and use part of grass-roots medical and health institutions) (2009 version), which stipulate that essential drugs are drugs that meet China's basic medical and health needs, have appropriate dosage forms, reasonable prices, can ensure supply, and are fairly available to the public

this is a policy for the benefit of the people and the country, but to be honest, it has had a subtle and huge impact on product suppliers and printing processors, resulting in increased pressure on the printing plants that mainly sell medicine bags. Due to the implementation of the national basic drug system, the state controls the drug prices and the production costs of pharmaceutical raw materials for pharmaceutical factories, and is very strict with suppliers' prices, so it can't raise prices. National basic drugs are subject to national bidding, which has brought down the price of drugs. At present, printing raw materials are rising at the same time, and many printing plants can't do it. This cooperation between pharmaceutical manufacturers will also touch on the price of products produced by RN bitumen, a branch of RN alpha, which can only be squeezed from suppliers. Printing costs have risen, profits have not risen, and the pressure on the drug bag factory is also great. At this time, the flexibility of private enterprises is highlighted. They have chosen to expand production capacity and purchase high-end printing equipment to seek benefits from the market and profits from production. When facing some policies and regulations that seem to be detrimental to printing, our printing enterprises should calmly face them and seek breakthroughs

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