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A great advantage of e-commerce is that it is not only suitable for large enterprises, but also very beneficial to many small and medium-sized enterprises. Compared with large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises have weak human, financial and information technology strength. How to apply e-commerce in small and medium-sized enterprises is a new topic worth studying

generally, there are four types of uses of e-commerce: information access, personal communication, shopping services, and virtual enterprise

as e-commerce is a complex system engineering, it will use many new technologies, but the most important ones are the following: electronic data interchange (EDI), bar code, e-mail, Internet, WorldWideWeb, product data exchange and spreadsheet

benefits of using e-commerce for small and medium-sized enterprises

for small and medium-sized enterprises, e-commerce can bring them many new opportunities and challenges, and it can solve many difficulties and problems faced by small and medium-sized enterprises. The advent of Internet can open up a broader market space for small and medium-sized enterprises. Because the competition of information plays an increasingly important role in the competitive advantage of enterprises, with e-commerce, small and medium-sized enterprises can compete with large enterprises in information. In general, the impact of e-commerce on small and medium-sized enterprises can be divided into the following aspects:

1 The competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in the traditional market can be strengthened in the global market. At present, no specific customers have been revealed; Small and medium-sized enterprises have more opportunities to sell their products to all countries and regions around the world

2. The requirements of the market supply chain for suppliers to provide design and engineering services will increase; Manufacturers will outsource more non core businesses; Customers will need more electronic communications for orders, bookkeeping and other businesses. When large customers have such requirements, it will have a great impact on the supply chain; Customers will require their suppliers to provide more inventory management services, such as data warehouse and order management; The manufacturer will continue to reduce the total number of suppliers; The relationship between companies in the supply chain will be closer

3. Internal operation and process control

with the more use of information technology and system integration technology, the communication and cooperation within the company will be improved; More automatic manufacturing technology will be used to provide greater opportunities for the integration of external data and internal operations, such as the integration of EDI and MRP systems; The number of employees will decrease, but the workload of each employee will increase; The operation and management costs of enterprises will be reduced

4. Customer service

manufacturers will try to shorten the time when their new products and services are available to produce hygienic, safe, healthy and reliable plastic products; The manufacturer will try to minimize the price; Product quality will receive greater attention; Suppliers will find it necessary to provide better and faster information about the status of orders (such as the production date of products, etc.); Businesses will pay more attention to the after-sales service of products; Information and effective internal code up to 400000; The competition between telecommunication services will intensify; The types of information and telecommunication services provided to manufacturers will increase; New e-commerce products and services will appear; Human resources and work structure; The role of computers in enterprises will be more important; It will be more difficult for small companies to train their employees to use computers than for large companies

5. As a commercial asset, information itself will become an important marketable commodity (such as a database); Internal data of the company will play an important role in decision-making; Through networking, manufacturers will have more and better opportunities to access useful business and technical information more widely

6. Business prospects

small and medium-sized enterprises can obtain the latest business development trend information in time to guide their production and sales

determine the feasibility of e-commerce technology

when small and medium-sized enterprises decide to use e-commerce, it is necessary to determine the technical feasibility of various e-commerce plans that can meet the needs of these enterprises. A basic principle should be to use those e-commerce technologies that can best improve the business capabilities of enterprises. The following lists some of the most suitable application fields of each e-commerce technology in a situation that does not produce a strong neck, which can be used as a reference for small and medium-sized enterprises when choosing

i integrate structured data into other applications (such as using customer orders to install products); When the transaction volume is large, the cost can be reduced; It can make trade with many different trading partners (such as customers, suppliers, manufacturers, etc.) easier

2. Barcode can quickly judge and identify goods; Integrate judgment and identity information into other applications and databases

3. E-mail provides free inquiry and communication to individuals or groups; You need to send some simple shared information to all members of the enterprise; Share complex information through attachments; Make long-distance cooperation more convenient and fast

rldwideweb publishes relevant information of the enterprise to achieve the purpose of promoting the enterprise; Retrieving information from a large number of data sources; E-commerce to buy/sell goods or services; Collaboration or information sharing among multiple users

5. Product data exchange needs to send relevant data of products to trading partners in time; Work together with partners to design products from a long distance

6. Spreadsheets better manage relevant data in a standardized format; When many people are involved in completing different tasks at the same time, the whole process can be tracked; Integrate the manually input data with the data of the machine itself; Promote the implementation of e-commerce by integrating WWW and internal systems

several problems that should be paid attention to

compared with large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises have weak human, financial and information technology strength. Therefore, there are some problems that need special attention in the process of implementing e-commerce. Even small enterprises also need to make systematic returns to e-commerce. (end)

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