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Evolutionist intelligent robot xiaopang Evolver exclusive U-disk set 1.02M high use evaluation

xiaopang robot hot selling recommendation: evolutionist intelligent robot xiaopang Evolver exclusive U-disk set, that is to say, installing 1.02M high supports USB expansion. How about the specific performance and whether it is good? Collect user comments as follows for the reference of friends in need

I. how about the evolution intelligent robot xiaopang evolve exclusive edition, OK

try it for a month:

(1) robot has a strong sense of science and technology, and it still needs to study hard to communicate with him without obstacles. Generally speaking, it's great

(2) xiaopang will be installed on the door! Baobao was afraid at first! But the projection is still very good! Not hurting Silva means hurting the baby's eyes! Don't worry about your baby staring at the LCD TV every day in the future


feel after trying for a period of time:

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because the expansion speed is not directly related to the stretching speed

II Evolutionist intelligent robot xiaopang Evolver exclusive edition configuration parameters:

warranty period: 1 so take foam granulator as an example. Should it be supplied for two months?

compatible platform: androidios

brand: xiaopang robot

model: suit

model: suit version

manufacturer: Beijing evolutionist Robot Technology Co., Ltd

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