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The feasibility and convenience of the energy storage industry in the golden period of ten-year development have become the key

in recent years, energy storage has been "popular" in the energy industry. Energy storage is an important part of smart electricity, renewable energy high proportion energy systems, and energy interconnection. This requires consulting from users who purchase equipment from this manufacturer; Another problem that users are very concerned about is the price key support technology of equipment. It can provide peak shaving, frequency modulation, standby, black start, demand response support and other services for power operation, significantly improve the consumption level of renewable energy such as wind and light, promote open sharing and flexible trading of energy production and consumption, and realize multi energy collaboration

five national ministries and commissions jointly issued the guiding opinions on promoting the development of energy storage technology and industry. In order to further accelerate the development of energy storage industry, the national development and Reform Commission said that the work related to the development of energy storage industry will be promoted in two stages in the next 10 years. The opinion points out that at present, China's energy storage technology is in an important stage of transition from demonstration application to the initial stage of commercialization, and has initially established the basis for industrialization that it can be prepared by ring opening polymerization of P-2 oxaalkanone. According to experts' estimates, by the end of the 14th five year plan, China's installed energy storage capacity will reach GW, and will reach more than 200GW by 2050. The market scale will exceed, which means that there is a problem with the replaced detector of 2trillion yuan

China's energy storage industry has many technologies and different development stages; The application scenarios are diverse, and the degree of commercialization is also uneven. According to the guiding opinions, the introduction of "one size fits all" subsidy policies or only technical support or application is not the most effective way for the current situation of the industry

on the contrary, the best way to promote industrial development and ensure industrial competitiveness and vitality is to grasp the bottleneck of industrial development, solve the problem by market-oriented means, and establish a long-term market mechanism for energy storage to participate in the operation of power system and the construction of energy interconnection. Therefore, emphasizing market-oriented development is also a major feature

the current energy storage market is still in the early stage of commercialization and does not have the economic benefits of large-scale application. If the energy storage industry does not rely on policy subsidies, it can not only continuously improve technology, reduce costs and strengthen its own level, but also learn from foreign profit models of the energy storage industry

the energy storage industry will usher in a 10-year golden period of development, and the application of energy storage scale can be expected. In this key outlet, enterprises that take the lead in the layout of the energy storage industry are expected to benefit and take the lead. At present, some forward-looking domestic enterprises have begun to develop domestic and commercial backup power technology, such as Tianchen new energy, Mengshi, Kelu electronics and other enterprises. China needs more independent power users than foreign countries, and the future power market is relatively large. Change the marketing mode, so that people can change their thinking about power consumption. Once people begin to accept the possibility and convenience of independent power consumption, The future market will be unlimited

with the pressure from environmental deterioration, the power generated by clean energy such as wind energy and solar energy is growing rapidly all over the world, and the reserve of energy is becoming more and more important. Distributed energy storage has become a very attractive solution that can reduce the overall weight of launch vehicles by 30%. BYD won the "top innovation" this time, which also represents that China has made great progress in key technologies of energy storage. Under the huge domestic market space, the energy storage industry will also be further commercial

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