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Feasibility analysis of corrugated honeycomb composite board production line (IV)

VI. good social benefits

the production technology of corrugated honeycomb composite board has extensive social benefits and good economic benefits. Replacing wood packaging with corrugated cardboard packaging can save a lot of wood resources. Every ton of recycled corrugated honeycomb composite cardboard can replace 30 to 50 cubic meters of wood forest. Only the packaging of mechanical and electrical products can be replaced by 1/3 every year, which can save 1.1 million cubic meters of wood, equivalent to more than 3 million cubic meters of raw wood. In addition, a large amount of waste paper can be recycled and the discarded packaging can be recycled. According to experts' estimates, the annual production of corrugated honeycomb composite paperboard is hundreds of millions of square meters, creating an output value of billions of yuan. Coupled with the reduction of packaging costs, the promotion of product exports, its social benefits are inestimable

VII. Analysis of production capacity, investment, cost and profit

(I), design production capacity, annual production scale (taking the thickness of paperboard 15mm as an example):

a: calculated according to the operation proficiency (the same below), the speed of the board core line is 20/min, and the width is 480mm according to the calculation of type a corrugated (the same below), which is equal to 9.6 square meters per minute, 550 square meters per hour x 20 hours per day =11000x250 days: 2.8 million square meters

b: Based on the 30mm thick paperboard, the daily output is 6600 square meters x 250 days: 1.65 million square meters

(II) main and auxiliary raw materials

a 160g-450g recycled or high-strength corrugated recycled paper, kraft vermicelli, etc

b: adhesive: starch is used for corrugated machine, and polyvinyl alcohol is used for the rest

c: the weight of 15mm paperboard is 2.4kg per square meter x the annual output is 2.8 million square meters and the paper consumption is 6720 tons in two years. (production is called 'paper loss is not included)

(III). Investment estimation

A: equipment investment of 2million yuan, including a set of corrugated honeycomb composite board production line and other small auxiliary processing machinery

b: plant. The equipment belongs to T-type installation and use. For example, if the T-shaped plant is built according to the trend of the equipment, i.e. 505m and 40x 5m, a total of 450 square meters, some operators did not operate according to the use requirements of the experimental machine. The civil spear mouth steel structure plant is about 350 yuan/m2, about 160000 yuan. Except for office space, finished product warehouse and product processing place

c: the working capital is 800000 yuan, 6720 tons of paper are used a year, 560 tons per month, the average price of various specifications of web paper is 2000/ton, the monthly raw material payment is 1.12 million yuan, the advance payment of 50% juice is 560000 yuan, plus the adhesive material payment of 140000 yuan, a total of 700000 yuan. For other costs of 100000, most of them adopt utm7504 z03 ring stiffness test machine

d: power consumption. The installed power is 50 kW, excluding the electric heating of the oven. If steam heating is adopted, 1 ton boiler shall be added, and electric power shall not be calculated for oil heating and liquefied gas heating. Ex factory price list of corrugated honeycomb composite paperboard

e: water. Less than 1 ton per day (except steam heating)

(IV). Production cost

A: raw material cost: paper for paper core, ordinary recycled corrugated paper 1.7 yuan/kg; High strength corrugated paper 1.95 yuan/kg, cow hide surface hanging paper 2.5 yuan/kg, adhesive corn starch yuan/ton, which can be used with twice the water; Polyvinyl alcohol should be mixed with water times, and the adhesive used is 1600~1700/ton. B: 1. Taking the production of recycled paper as an example,

the weight of paperboard per square meter is 2400 grams, of which the weight of board core is 1700 grams, the weight of face paper is 700 grams, and the cost is 2.4 kg x 2.0 yuan/kg 2 4.80 yuan; Adhesive 0.35 yuan; Electric heating 0.2 yuan; Equipment depreciation, management expense 0.20 yuan, salary 0.15 yuan

other 0.20 yuan; Unpredictable 0.2 yuan, tax 0.65 yuan; The total cost per square meter is 6.80 yuan

2 and 30 paperboards weigh 4400 grams per square meter, including 3700 grams of board core and 700 grams of face paper. The paper cost is 4.4 kg x 2.0 yuan/kg 2, 8.80 yuan; The adhesive is 0.42 yuan; Electric heating 0.25 yuan; Equipment depreciation and management expenses are 0.22 yuan; Salary: 0.20 yuan; Other 0.25 yuan; Unpredictable 0.30 yuan; Tax 0.8 yuan; The total cost per square meter is 11.24 yuan

1. Calculated according to the low price at the current promotion stage, the ex factory price of 350g face paper and 15 thickness paperboard is 14.4 yuan/square meter, the gross profit per square meter is 7.60 yuan, and the normal annual output is 2.8 million x 7.60 yuan. If the oil pipe is broken, 21.28 million yuan

2. The ex factory price of 30 thick paperboard is 17.40 yuan/square meter, the gross profit per square meter is 6.16 yuan, the annual output is 1.65 million x 6.16 yuan, and the annual output is 10.164 million yuan until it passes the inspection

(VI). Labor quota

a: 7 operators per shift of corrugated honeycomb composite board production line x 21 in 3 shifts

b: making finished boxes, 6 people per shift x 18 in 3 shifts (increase or decrease according to the order)

c: 6 warehouse and management personnel

information source Ruian strong cardboard packaging machinery Research Institute

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