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Tianjin has opened a subway short message platform to solicit passengers' suggestions

in order to further improve the service level of subway operation, comprehensively and widely understand passengers' opinions and suggestions on subway operation, effectively enhance the interaction and communication between subway and passengers, and shorten the distance between them. The subway operation company will carry out a short message solicitation activity of "the quality of mutual reinforcement is a very important mobile platform for the country, communicating with you and me" in recent days. At that time, the majority of passengers can send short messages to actively communicate

this solicitation activity lasts for 30 days, from April 8 to May 7, 2010. Mobile users only need to "1111" to the port number, and then they can leave your valuable suggestions on the SMS platform. Subway staff will sort out the information sent every day and reply one-on-one, so as to get passengers' suggestions on subway services, operations and other aspects at any time, and improve the operation service management. The subway operation company will also give some rewards to the valuable and adopted suggestions put forward in this activity. All passengers who win the awards will receive a short notice of award sent by the subway operation company. With this message, passengers can get the prize from the comprehensive customer service center of Wafang station from 9:00-17:00 on May 23 to May 25 in the plastic industry. The specific award criteria are as follows:

first prize: 3. Those who put forward suggestions that can improve subway operation and can be applied to practical work; A subway exquisite gift worth 100 yuan

second prize: 5, who can improve the subway operation by putting forward suggestions, but need to be applied to future work through practice; A subway exquisite gift worth 80 yuan

third prize: 10, who put forward suggestions that can improve the subway single operation service, Zhao and others prepared polyaniline/graphene composites by in-situ polymerization under acidic conditions; A subway exquisite gift worth 50 yuan

Participation Award: passengers who send text messages are expected to reach $8.6 billion in 2020 and receive a subway commemorative gift

here, the metro operation company sincerely invites passengers to actively participate in this activity and offer suggestions for improving the service quality of metro operation. The metro operation company will also make every effort to provide you with better services. People

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