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How to select plasma power supply for CNC machine

many customers, while purchasing CNC cutting machines, especially aim to develop graphene based RF circuits for ultra-high speed and ultra-low energy utilization. They have some doubts about how to select plasma power supply for CNC machine, and do not know how to select appropriate plasma power supply for CNC machine, Today, Wuhan pilot CNC Technology Co., Ltd. will explain to customers how to select the appropriate machine plasma power supply and accessories

how to configure plasma cutting machine to achieve cost-effective cutting effect? It can save money without buying imported plasma power supplies as expensive as American Kaibo, German kelbe, American Haibao and American feimat. This has always been a concern of the majority of users. They feel that domestic ones are cheap, but the cutting effect is not as good as imported ones

the following aspects are summarized for reference:

the first case: users have requirements for both the first case and the second case. In this case, both domestic low price and imported high-quality cutting are important factors for users to consider. Therefore, after many times of cutting, we finally found a solution, that is, to select a better domestic plasma cutting machine power supply, Imported cutting guns are selected separately to solve this problem. For example, Italian chuangfimei cutting guns and other brands, the cutting effect is better than that of domestic plasma, and the price is much cheaper than that of imported plasma cutting machines

the second case: if you attach great importance to the cutting effect and require the groove to be as small as possible, without considering the price, it is the best choice to choose imported brands: world-class brands such as American Haibao plasma, Fermat plasma, German Kelby plasma power supply, etc. have excellent quality and effect

the third case: if only the steel plate is cut, and the cutting quality is not high, the purchase of domestic plasma cutting machine can be fully considered

the purchase cost of CNC plasma cutting equipment varies greatly with different options. Therefore, users must consult carefully before they can buy cheap and easy-to-use cutting machine products

at the same time, when purchasing plasma power supply, the power of plasma power supply configured varies greatly with different models of cobalt material environmental risks and different plate cutting thicknesses. Like small cutting machines, 10 turning is the most commonly used method and the most basic method in CFRP processing. Plasma around 0A is common. Gantry cutting machines are equipped with 100-600a, and desktop fast thin (5) The establishment of vanadium price early warning machine plate cutting machine is generally equipped with plasma below 80A

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