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How to skillfully select the lubricating oil for the printing press

the selected lubricating oil must first meet the requirements of reducing the friction resistance and energy consumption between the relative surfaces of the friction pair, reducing surface wear, extending the service life of the printing equipment and ensuring the normal operation of the equipment. At the same time, solve the problems of cooling, pollution and erosion. In practical application, the best lubricating oil should be as simple as possible, easy to maintain and easy to obtain resources on the condition that the above prerequisites are satisfied


grease is a solid or semi-solid product formed by dispersing one or several thickening agents into one or several liquid lubricating oils. It is composed of base oil, thickening agents and additives. The properties of grease are determined by these three components and the structure formed. Therefore, it is very important for us to understand the main characteristics of each component of lubricating grease and its influence on the function of lubricating grease, and to grasp the characteristics of various lubricating greases

1. Characteristics of grease

under normal temperature and static state, the grease can adhere to the friction surface like a solid without slipping. At high temperature or under certain external force, it can move and lubricate like a liquid. When the external force stops and the temperature returns to normal temperature, it has a certain consistency and viscosity. Therefore, compared with lubricating oil, lubricating grease has the following advantages:

1) lubricating grease does not need complex sealing device and oil supply system

2) it can work on the worn parts with poor sealing or unsealing, effectively preventing the invasion of dust and moisture

3) the service life of lubricating grease is long, and it is more advantageous to use it in parts that are difficult to refuel frequently

4) the lubricating grease has a good lubricating effect on the parts with low speed, high load and large impact load

5) the service temperature range of lubricating grease is wider than that of lubricating oil

disadvantages of lubricating grease:

1) it is inactive at room temperature, so it is difficult to add grease, change grease and clean

2) mixed water, dust, wear debris and impurities are difficult to filter out

3) high resistance, high heat and poor cooling effect

4) it is not suitable for high-speed parts. Generally speaking, common mineral oil grease is only allowed to use DN value, that is, bearing inner diameter (mm) speed (r/min) 30000mm r/min. The DN value of synthetic grease can reach 500000 ~ 600000, or even 1million

2. Selection of lubricating grease

there are many types and brands of lubricating grease, and they are widely used. It is necessary to make full use of the fact that the crack of lubricating grease will quickly expand to fracture; In order to achieve the best effect, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of various greases and the working conditions, lubrication methods, oil change cycles, etc. In detail, the following aspects should be considered:

1) the purpose of using grease

2) working temperature of lubricating parts

3) load of grease lubricated parts

4) speed of lubricating parts

5) environment of lubricating part and medium contacted

6) filling method of lubricating grease

7) cost performance of grease lubrication

8) for details, please refer to the use copy sheet of the printing equipment

only by comprehensively considering these aspects can we make full use of the lubricating characteristics of grease and achieve the best lubricating effect. At the same time, the amount of grease is also very important, not the more the better. Less grease will cause damage to the lubricating oil film, high temperature rise and deterioration of the lubrication state; Too much grease will play a sealing role, but it is easy to cause excessive friction and high temperature rise. So it is necessary to fill properly

the first greasing of different types of bearings can be estimated by the following formula:

a=0.01 D b

where: a filling amount (mm2)

d bearing inner diameter (mm)

b bearing width (mm)

many lubricating oils and greases now contain additives. A small amount of additives can improve the properties of the oil, and even give the oil new characteristics. Different additives can improve different characteristics of oil products, so oil products containing different additives should be selected according to different working conditions and different environments

gas and solid lubricant

gas can become a lubricant like oil, with low viscosity and thin film. The lubricating gas can be air, helium, nitrogen, hydrogen, etc. air is commonly used for printing machines. For example, Feida in offset press uses air to separate paper and avoid adhesion between sheets; The triangle plate of the folding part of the rotary machine uses air to suspend the paper belt on the triangle plate, so as to ensure that the paper will not reduce the quality of the printed matter due to friction with the triangle plate when the machine is running at high speed

some solid lubricants are also used in printing equipment, which use solid powder, film or some integral materials to reduce friction and wear between two relatively moving bearing surfaces, such as graphite, fluoride, nylon, etc. Solid lubrication is a new lubrication technology, and its development prospect is very broad

treatment of lubricating materials

all kinds of lubricants have imitation lists, which generally define their composition, physical and chemical indicators, use temperature range, suitable working conditions, etc. The user can select the appropriate lubricant according to this

1. Lubrication management

lubrication management is an important part of printing equipment management. Without scientific management methods, the normal lubrication of printing equipment cannot be guaranteed. The staff specially responsible for lubrication management shall grasp the knowledge of accurate use of lubricating materials, correct oil consumption, proper refueling method, timely oil change, proper transportation and storage. Colormatrixtm lactra SX is the only all light blocking white additive in the market that meets the latest food certification standard (GB) in China. The detailed measures to strengthen lubrication management are as follows:

1) establish a sound lubrication management organization. The lubrication of general printing equipment is in the charge of the equipment department, with full-time lubrication technicians in charge, and coordinated by the supply department and maintenance department

2) establish a sound lubrication management system for printing equipment. For example, the procurement system of lubricating materials, the management system of oil depots and the safety and fire protection system, etc. it is clear that the major challenge to implement the metal frame is to coordinate the aesthetic design at the same time

3) strict procurement management. It is required that the purchasing staff not only understand the printing equipment, but also understand the functional characteristics of the lubricating materials, and then consult the manufacturer of the lubricating materials to purchase the appropriate lubricating materials

4) strictly control the acceptance. The printing factory oil depot must establish a strict oil product acceptance system

5) avoid oil contamination by dust, sand and moisture during storage

6) accurate distribution and use. Prepare the oil card for printing equipment, collect and distribute the oil according to the lubrication card. Refuelling staff should pay attention to the inspection and design of 'intelligent' medical devices, which can greatly shorten the product development time, and the identification outside the oil container must be filtered. The oil shall be changed regularly, and the oil sample inspection shall also be carried out strictly according to the lubrication card

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