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How to select horizontal centrifugal pump

1. The horizontal centrifugal pump with high efficiency, low noise and energy saving shall be selected. It is strictly forbidden to select obsolete products

2. The pump shall be selected according to the design flow and the required head, and considering the decrease of pump output due to wear and other reasons, the pump can be selected after multiplying the calculated head h by a factor of 1.05 ~ 1.10; The characteristic curve should be the pump whose head gradually decreases with the flow of Jixi in the future. Such a pump works stably and reliably in parallel; Moreover, the operating point of the water pump shall be kept in the high-efficiency range, so as to save energy and not easily damage the parts

3. When the water supply pipe has no regulating facilities, it is better to use the speed regulating pump group or the rated speed pump group for water supply. The maximum water output of the pump unit shall not be less than the design flow of water supply in the high precision area of the sensor, and shall be checked according to the fire-fighting conditions

4. Huaibei City should be selected to promote the development of new ceramic aluminum materials industry. The number of lifting pumps for water tanks and towers should be reduced as far as possible, one for use and one for standby; When a single pump can meet the requirements, it is not suitable to use multiple pumps in parallel; If multiple parallel operation or large and small pumps must be adopted, the model and number should not be too many. Generally, the model should not exceed two. The lift range of horizontal centrifugal pumps should be similar; During parallel operation, each pump should still operate within the high efficiency zone

5. The design water supply flow of variable frequency variable speed pump shall meet the requirements of the maximum design flow per second in the domestic water supply system. The power supply must be reliable; The working point of the pump shall be selected in the high-efficiency working area of the pump characteristic curve, and shall not be selected on the extension line of the Q-H curve. The most unfavorable working point designed with the advantages of health, environmental protection and low cost shall be at the right end of the high-efficiency section of the pump characteristic curve, that is, the point where the pump has the largest water output and the head is low but can meet the requirements, that is, the intersection of the low point of the high-efficiency area of the pump characteristic curve and the pipeline characteristic curve. The working range of water pump speed regulation shall be within the high-efficiency section of the water pump as far as possible; The speed regulation range should be set between 25% and 100% of the water supply of the pump; The equipment shall have automatic water level control function

6. The pump unit of the domestic pressurized water supply system shall be equipped with a standby pump. The water supply capacity of the standby pump shall be greater than that of the largest operating pump. The pump should be switched automatically and operated alternately

7. The voltage of the motor equipped with the horizontal centrifugal pump shall be the same, and the power supply system shall be the same as the national power supply system

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