How to select the most popular plastic drag chain

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How to select the type of plastic drag chain

with the development of science and technology, plastic drag chain is more and more widely used. The plastic drag chain is mainly used to place cables, oil pipes, gas pipes, etc., so the selection is mainly based on the above 1. For example, the size of the placement of spring testing machine under normal application conditions as the reference standard, Next, with the cable as a reference, we will talk about how to select a high-quality plastic drag chain, how to select the inner height of the engineering plastic, select the larger standard of the placed cable, measure its diameter, and increase its diameter by at least% as the selection standard of the inner height. If the cable is large, the inner height can select a larger model on the basis of the standard specification to increase its stability, For smaller cables, most of the existing domestic medium and low-grade products can be replaced with imported products. How to select the inner width of engineering plastics? The sum of the diameters of all sizes of cables. If there is overlap, only the large diameter cable needs to be selected as the selection parameter of the inner width of the drag chain. In order to prevent friction between cables and between cables and drag chain, increase% of the excess space on the basis of the parameter, which will cause scalding

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